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Why is Local SEO for Businesses Important?

Posted by Oct 10, 2017 3:29:20 PM

Are you interested in becoming a bright beacon that attracts both local and regional clients to your business through a dedicated website? Local SEO for businesses is a decisive tool, a definite process that will easily allow you to amass a high numbers of visitors over the Internet.

Are you turning your back on that important crowd of users hungry for quality service by lacking a website that keeps drawing them in? The numbers don't lie, more than 80% of that curious group of people with purchasing power, are currently looking for products and services through online vendors.

Drive to the top with the power of local SEO for businesses!

There are plenty of people out there who innocently think that leaving their business address on a website will automatically make them visible to potential customers.

Stop second-guessing or blindly hoping for the best. Let us share the benefits of Local SEO, a method that will shout out the name of your brand to the furthest corners of the World Wide Web.


 1. Let your website achieve local SEO positioning



There are specific guidelines that dictate the correct implementation of local SEO techniques. Let's get started with one right away: include the name of the city, province or jurisdiction of your business in the URL of your website.

You must also include it in the tag of the website's meta title (the name located on top of your Internet browser) which is also the title that shows up listed among the results offered by web search engines.

The name of the city must also be included in the description of the meta tag (the HTML tag that describes the content of a web page), meta tags let search engines know what a website is about.



 2. NAP, three letters that'll put you on the map


The acronym NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone number, three bits of data that quickly identify your store, partnership or venture.

It's important to go out of your way, make it easy for others to find where your place of business is located. Always make sure you provide your phone number, area code and your country region.

Once your NAP has been clearly stated, follow up by using it as a standard through any dedicated website that publicizes your services.

It's recommended to keep an easily defined address, make sure it remains simple, set a name users won't be able to forget. This name displayed on your website's URL must leave a great first impression on potential buyers.

Sway their attention visually through the use of clever design and pleasant colors, this will help you lead them smoothly into any significant information related to what you have to offer and where to go in order to find you.

Round up the inclusion of the NAP within the body of your website's content with: e-mail addresses, business opening hours, price lists and any other detail able to facilitate a memorably pleasant experience.


 3. How to use social networks to get noticed quickly


Take advantage of your presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to make sure your actual, local address is listed through all of them. Likewise, free positioning tools like Google My Business assign retailers a spot within the directories of companies of similar nature, making the whole process of being found (locally and over the Internet) way easier.

If you take into consideration user access patterns and statistics on the way people search for information online, managing a website that is responsive and compatible with the wide range of mobile and home devices (those that help them visualize information on your services) is crucial and basically imperative.

Do not neglect the even use of NAP data throughout the dedicated websites and social networks you use to make yourself known.


 4. Google GEO Sitemaps



Do you care to know about one of the most brilliant, local SEO optimization tools currently available? We are talking about none other than Google's GEO Sitemaps which lets users find you through a crystal-clear geographical interface facilitated by a network of global satellites.

Google's GEO Sitemaps, a free service, allows the physical localization of your business on a map that users can easily refer to through search engine results or by displaying it on your own website.



 5. Publish your NAP in virtual business directories all over the world

It's extremely important to publish information about your specialties through business directory pages similar to other products and services already present all over the Internet. This makes it possible for your business to gain prominence and position itself on Google and other relevant search engines.


So, is local SEO positioning important at all?


The answer is: YES! Absolutely! Local SEO for businesses is a set of geographic and information tools aimed at users (potential clients) trying to find the local address where they can find your business and make deals with you.

We advise on contacting an expert in the online marketing field who is able to grasp the concepts that encapsulate the benefits of your business and displays them in the most attractive manner (through the content and presentation of your website).

Let's use common sense here, put yourself in your client's shoes: they are trying to figure out how to use the interfaces and tools available on your website to locate your store and have access to the products and services you're offering.

If you ever wondered how to attract an important influx of valuable customers searching for the best deals online (instead of losing them to your competitors), give the assertive application of local SEO business strategies a chance. The higher your visibility online, the higher the numbers of visitors that'll discover and benefit from your products and services.

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