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What is a Sales Funnel and why would your business need it?

Posted by Mar 8, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Let's assume you have already set in motion a solid online marketing strategy but it turns out that, out of a 100 visits you receive on your website, only two customers actually end up making reservations at your restaurant. Through this article, we would like to introduce you to Sale Funnels, a process that will help your business boost its profit margins and facilitate the delivery of the level of service your customers deserve.

The scenario we have described above reflects the use of strategies that are able to draw clients in (taking into consideration the number of users who stop and pay attention to your website) but fail to provide a strong sales funnel. This situation is caused by the low numbers of visitors taking the steps that lead to their conversion into customers who actually end up paying for your products and services.

Is there a way to find out what is not working with your sales funnel strategy? To answer that question, it is important to analyze each step taken by users who visit your website and do your best to point out (and extract) the opportunities those steps offer in order to use them to achieve customer loyalty. You must not overlook the range of potential new clients, pay attention to both casual onlookers and those who show plenty of interest in what your brand has to offer.

Business owners who have been able to distill such valuable information, will have an easier time increasing the conversion rates that will lead to the optimal functionality of their sales funnel strategy. We will now proceed to explain, in greater detail, how you can make this work to the advantage of your loftiest entrepreneurial goals!

How does a sales funnel work?

Once it has been defined who your buyer person is and what type of content you will publish in order to catch their attention, you must proceed to create a sales funnel scheme based on the Buyer's Journey, that is, the process potential customers follow until they become consumers who actually purchase products and finalize sales.

Sale funnels provide vendors with pathways they can use to implement actions that will let them lead potential customers in order to convert them into loyal ones. Securing leads is a first step that depends on the interest such consumers show when faced with the option to purchase the commodities you sell. If that possibility becomes obvious, you should immediately provide them with free sample products or services as an incentive to engage and connect with them while bringing them closer into the path that facilitates closing sales.

Successful businesses have embraced methodologies that make it easy for them to turn occasional guests into seasoned patrons, their approach includes automated email marketing response mechanisms and landing pages that display the virtues and benefits of the services and products they sell.

What elements are essential for the success of sale funnels?

  1. The attraction factor

Building up a successful sales funnel strategy requires delving deep inside the interests that drive potential customers to visit dedicated brand websites. Whether those interests include searching for menu items being sold at tempting prices or looking for the best deal on family dinners, you should do your best to gather any type of information you could use later on in order to discover the reasons behind the motivation of future clients. We reiterate the inclusion of methodologies focused on offering free products and services as a way to persuade users into considering your establishment as the most attractive option.

The process of getting to know potential customers better, begins with small steps such as asking for their email address and the reasons why they felt compelled to visit your website. Offering discount coupons, free e-books, interesting recipes or limited edition products that can only be obtained by visiting your website count as reasonable ways to gain information that will help you bring light into the characteristics that define the type of client you are hoping to attract.

  1. Email marketing

Sales funnel

Once you have opened channels of communication that can be used to connect with customers, you should proceed to engage their attention through email marketing campaigns aimed to establish a relationship based on trust through the delivery of information they will consider useful and relevant.

Setting up automated systems with the purpose of serving customers with information they can use to realize the benefits of your products and services, will keep them motivated to take the steps leading to give you their business and finalize sales.

  1. Helping clients make up their minds!

Reaching the point where customers feel genuine interest about your brand, consider you presence as the most convincing option and feel positive about closing a sale, it will become necessary to direct them to a website dedicated to disclose what is valuable about the items you will provide them with.

However, you must be careful about the general message you plan to convey while going through this stage of the sales funnel process. You should maintain a demanding and selective awareness about the content you intend to publish, it must reflect your readiness to offer the most attractive, hassle-free and beneficial solution available in the market you specialize in. Presenting potential customers with isolated information or exhaustive details about your products and services, will deflate their interest and force them to take a look at commodities offered somewhere else.

Give your clients what they need as quickly as you can

The free material offered to potential clients must remain as diverse as possible according to the interest they show in finalizing sales. This approach will help you avoid situations in which motivated customers receive information that is not relevant or meaningful to them. Clients who are curious about looking at your monthly event calendar may not feel compelled to download or read a free recipe e-book.

By way of contrast, a situation could arise where someone who is about to make a reservation  receives information that will fail to provide the details needed to gain access to the services or discounts they are hoping to enjoy. A customer who is visiting your website for the first time will most surely react oddly when presented with an e-book that discusses the preparation of exotic Caribbean delights!

However, the possibility of encountering such scenarios should not dissuade you from being ready to create and make such material available to your clients as part of effective sales funnel strategies. Consumers who find themselves on different stages of their Buyer’s Journey will be able to enjoy the variety of options you will be ready to present them with, this versatility will let your business adapt to the motivations behind the interests of your customer base while facilitating the fulfillment of their most demanding expectations and desires.

The support you provide to customers interested in the experience sold by your brand should not be limited to offering calendars or free e-books. Creative solutions include presenting them with the opportunity to attend webinars, publish contact information they can use to resolve issues through Skype calls, facilitate access to instructional videos or giving away sample products they may find useful or interesting.

Effective digital marketing strategies set in motion by established businesses acknowledge the needs and interests of ideal customers aiming to promptly fulfill their expectations, needs and desires. Respected brands seize the occasion when windows of opportunity open by presenting potential clients with the value of their products in order to capture their attention and finalize sales.

Achieve customer loyalty!

Successful sales funnel strategies require providing patrons with options they can use to further their experience once they have left your establishment. It is wise to always ‘leave your doors open’ and give customers the chance to contact you as many times as it is needed in order to strengthen their connection with your business. Your efforts must focus on giving clients enough reasons to regard you as their top, unequivocal choice.

Clients who develop complete trust in the products offered by your brand will require reliable customer service and platforms they can use to stay up to date with special events, discounts, exclusive deals or any other promotions created with the intention of rewarding their sustained loyalty.

You must always do your best to let clients know your brand cares about them! Ways to achieve stronger bonds include publishing infographics with unique information they can use to improve aspects of their daily lives, invite them to attend free events and workshops, offer contributions to local charities that will benefit the communities they are part of and create channels that may further the exchange of solutions to their doubts, questions and concerns. The correct implementation of the Sales Funnel process will facilitate the creation of meaningful connections that will propel your business into brighter spheres of growth!

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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