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Virtual Real Estate, a profitable business

Posted by Nov 7, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Whether you are a real estate agent or someone who is currently interested in investing in a profitable real estate business (but you don’t count with that much capital to start with, you have no idea how to open your own agency or look for clients the usual way), you can choose to start a virtual real estate business.

This type of emerging real estate business does not really require a whole lot of capital because it mainly involves the purchase and sale of real estate that does not exist in the real world but regardless of that, has the potential to generate profit in real money.

There is an emerging real estate market of buyers and tenants who dedicate their time and effort to acquire property all over the Internet. In this market, virtual customers use real money to buy or rent real estate that’s available exclusively online, and by that we mean: land that does not have a real, physical address. This new market has a lot to offer to astute real estate agents willing to learn the way it operates.


What is a virtual real estate business?

A virtual real estate agency is a viable alternative that benefits those who don’t count with much capital to invest in order to start a business. We are talking about investing in real estate that exists only in the World Wide Web.

The methodology of such transactions involves sales and purchases made through specific websites using real estate marketing techniques within a vast region of virtual worlds.

This business model offers an interesting way to earn money, it focuses on buying, improving and reselling virtual properties. Sometimes, owners choose to wait a bit of time in order to increase the value of their estate before closing a sale.


2 platforms you can invest in to create a virtual real estate business

  • Second Life

Second Life is a website where it’s possible to invest in virtual real estate, a world in which people interact with each other using digital interactive tools. It allows users to buy and sell different types of properties while investing in business transactions made through a dedicated website over the Internet.

Through this site, users are able to buy land and properties, remodel and do makeovers, hold on to them until they decide to sell them or make profit putting them on sale for the benefit of the clients that coexist in such broad and fascinating virtual markets. It is also possible for dedicated users to buy virtual pieces of land which, over some time, will increase in value and become desirable items as a result of the amount of work and activities carried out on them.

  • Weblo

Weblo is a virtual domain that differs from Second Life by being designed as a faithful mirror of the real world, users who dwell there are able to buy and sell properties, mingle with users with similar interests, manage representations of real objects and even become the proud owners of their own virtual real estate agency!

Another relevant difference between these rich virtual worlds is that, as opposed to Second Life,  Weblo does not offer real estate represented by 3D graphics but instead gives users the chance to manipulate the value of properties within the body of cities, states or countries that actually exist in the real world. On this site, users have the option to earn money through advertising as well as generate income through commissions based on transactions made over the properties they own.


Advantages of a virtual real estate business

It is important to emphasize that in these interesting virtual worlds, it is not necessary to contact specific sellers or buyers since transactions are handled globally by specialized real estate agents whose sole responsibility is to look for enticing proposals, offer land or properties that carry the potential to generate greater value and assist homeowners selling them at the best possible price.

Through these digital platforms you can market virtual goods by investing a small amount of currency in order to create value through businesses that range from the most humble and basic operations to impressive real estate empires worth thousands and thousands of dollars which, over time, will help you sell multiple properties and earn significant sums of money.

If you happen to think the application of such exchanges resemble childish games, you’d be surprised to know that many famous brands and important companies all over the world are involved with the opportunities these platforms have to offer; this includes well-known real estate agencies that use online marketing  techniques through clever advertising campaigns, product tests and business investments with very flexible fields of action.

Being aware of the popularity and potential for profit of this real estate business model assists well-established companies like Reebok and Coca Cola (to name a few), to create and run virtual stores on sites like Second Life which in return, provides them with real, positive economic growth which reflects in significant flow of additional income gained by the end of each year.


Virtual real estate, the investment of the future

The digital world keeps growing and expanding, it sometimes seems like it might, somehow, end up replacing the real world by changing the way we work, displacing the points of view from where we stand and perceive reality.

What started as a simple game where a handful of dollars were invested, ended up being an extremely profitable business platform.

What’s more remarkable about the success of these modalities of real estate is that, pretty much anyone can gain access, invest and obtain a substantial amount of profit thanks to them.

Virtual worlds have captured the attention and imagination of countless visionaries who seek to make investments in order to obtain effective and favorable results in the near future.

In the same way someone is able to buy a building or start their own business in the real world, it is possible to pay for a domain, purchase a piece of land and watch it grow one step at a time in the virtual world. Take the chance to start with a small project, you may end up being the proud owner of say, a magnificent and luxurious apartment complex visited by a large number of motivated customers.

Just by making a small investment, you will be able to start heading towards that great real estate dominion you have probably dreamed about; you could then sell it, buy a new one, hold on to it for a while until it gains even more value and continue this process obtaining better and better earnings as time goes by.

The best thing about all this is that you won’t need to invest a huge amount of capital to start with but, by the time you have already become familiar with the way virtual worlds operate, you will end up making serious amounts of real money. Take the chance, dare to make an investment, the best time to start may be today.

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