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Sales strategy: How to attract customers through lead generation?

Attracting clients through the use of a concept known as Lead Generation has proven to be a very effective sales strategy for businesses looking forward to reaching a massive volume of interactions that result in final purchases by satisfied customers and a significant increase in profits.

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Mystery Shopper programs and the quality of customer service offered by your business

Did you know that only 8% of customers agree with those restaurants that claim to have the best service? This statistic brings light into the fact that most business managers aren’t really aware of the impact the quality of customer service provided by their staff has on their clients. This is one of the reasons behind low-sale figures and decreasing numbers of customers visiting a restaurant. You will then not have to guess about what's causing those negative reviews you have been bombarded with on the web recently! What do Mystery Shopper programs have to do with all this (you may ask)? Through this article, we’ll provide you with enough key points to grasp many new concepts that will help you understand that connection and how it may benefit the marketing efforts of your business.

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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