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Restaurant marketing: how posting on Instagram can put your business under the spotlight

According to adweek.com, Instagram currently counts with more than 800 million users! For this reason alone, it is considered an essential tool for effective restaurant marketing strategies. The rate of success enjoyed by thousands of established businesses proves the fruitfulness of this peculiar social network. It has become increasingly important to invest time and effort into embracing the benefits of this popular digital channel and use it to publish content that will most surely reach audiences in every corner of the world.

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Business strategy: what caused the massive success of Starbucks?

Imitation is the best form of flattery, world renowned marketing experts are aware of one of the best ways to become competitive: to learn from brand owners who have already earned great levels of prestige and success. Through this post, we will proceed to discuss the key points in the business strategy that shaped up the triumph of Starbucks, the global coffeehouse chain empire. We are confident this article will help you gain inspiration and generate ideas that will set you apart from the rest of your competitors.

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Keys to succeed using Twitter for restaurants

Despite what some people think, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks all over the world. Approximately 100 million users are active day in and day out through this powerful and dynamic platform, expressing and sharing their thoughts in a maximum of 280 characters per tweet. Therefore, this communication tool provides an excellent opportunity to reach customers, grab their attention and engage with them until stronger bonds lead to future improved customer loyalty.

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Key points about superb menu design for restaurants

When it comes to marketing specialists, menu design for restaurants has become the topic of passionate discussions that hint of a sophisticated art form as opposed to a casual subject matter. A menu is the first glimpse of what a restaurant has to offer, even before talking to a hostess or a server, therefore, it provides the first impression businesses bring to the attention of their patrons. Given the importance of this factor, we must take advantage of all the available sources of knowledge on the “engineering of menus” in order to reach a level of beauty and functionality that is technically beneficial to the goals of your brand.

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Restaurant marketing: What you should know before offering promotions and discounts

Promotions and discounts are well known restaurant marketing strategies available to vendors hoping to attract more customers and promote their businesses. As a matter of fact this kind of well-planned strategy is an ‘investment’ that could help you reach the goal of building up customer loyalty even though in most cases, it ends up being less effective, especially nowadays when the competition has increased and remains steadily arduous.

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Restaurant marketing strategies: attract clients using influencers on social networks

Restaurant marketing is a complex and rich subject matter yet, you’d be surprised to discover a large number of virtual strangers who will sincerely swear they know everything there is to know about your business. They pass their opinions on to family members, friends, people they haven’t met in real life and even to second and third layers of users listed among their groups of social media contacts.

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Restaurant marketing: How to handle social media crises?

If you ever thought your restaurant marketing strategy is taken care of by keeping an active profile on social networks, better think again! How would you handle your account if disaster struck? And by that we mean, what’s known as a ‘social media storm’, a flood of negative comments left by users, scandals originated by controversial topics or the apparent exposure of flaws in your business practices. You must learn how to handle critical situations on social media which is an essential occurrence for brands actively promoting their services over the Internet, this is a crucial demand, especially since your reputation will most probably hang by a thread if users attempt to damage your image online.

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Restaurant marketing: How to use review websites to your advantage

Anyone who benefits from effective promotion knows how important it is to never forget about restaurant marketing review sites, a relevant set of strategies available to businesses hoping to yield great results; Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook are some of the sites where visitors leave comments about a variety of products and services. A public forum where users leave any kind of comments? That seems a bit risky, doesn’t it? It turns out, this feature could greatly help you reach large amounts of clients who will feel reassured about what your restaurant has to offer.

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