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Inbound marketing versus Direct marketing: Which one is capable of offering the best results?

Were you aware that 44% of bulk email messages is never opened? Did you know that the rest is sent straight to spam trays? This phenomenon originates in a new generation of consumers that has grown to become more demanding and selective, they are able to use powerful tools to quickly find information on products they are interested in, that is the point of origin of modern inbound marketing techniques!

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Digital marketing: How to manage your online reputation using TripAdvisor and not die tryingYour Blog Post Title Here...

It is highly likely that the implementation of digital marketing strategies will lead your enterprise to the point where the services of TripAdvisor will be required, it is currently the most popular reviews site on the Internet. A large number of consumers look for comments and opinions left by other users on TripAdvisor before they deciding to visit restaurants, hotels or any other business they may be interested in.

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How to develop effective marketing strategies based on 4 distinct types of clients

Inbound marketing strategies, a set of methodologies that allow selling products to customers who represent a conglomeration of ideal attributes or ‘buyer persona’, facilitates putting together promotional campaigns that are highly compatible with the specific types of clients businesses aim to attract. We would like to use this article to help you gain a better understanding of the importance of defining and working with the information derived from these unique profiles.

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How to create marketing campaigns that actually bring great benefits to your restaurant?

That is a question most business owners often ask themselves. Current statistics bring to light worrying awareness about the large percentage of marketing campaigns that fail every year, forcing brands to revise the formulas and approaches that may facilitate zeroing in on promotional strategies that could positively lead to ultimate success.

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Marketing strategies: What results can you expect from inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing keeps gaining exponential strength as the sales methodology of choice behind highly successful marketing strategies that best adapt to the interests of modern consumers. Its correct implementation has  offered highly effective results, leading the business owners who embraced its virtues to attract large numbers of new customers!

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Digital marketing for restaurants: the definitive guide on how to raise the visibility of your brand

By the time you begin reading this article, it is still relevant to state that 65% of customers who enjoyed themselves after visiting culinary establishments, are willing to leave positive comments online about their experiences! Digital marketing for restaurants, a set of methodologies that intend to raise the visibility of your brand, while taking advantage of realities confirmed by statistical facts, provide business owners with peculiar opportunities they can use to achieve unimaginable success.

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How to pick the best digital marketing agency for your business

How long would it take you to research about online digital marketing techniques and use what you have learned to change the outcome of your promotional efforts? You could skip on the assistance of professionals and position your business using search engine optimization strategies, do your best to attract new customers through social networks, create enticing and useful content, why invest capital hiring others? You may have probably noticed how promoting yourself on the Internet is a trial and error process, regardless of who helps you get the results that will bring the most benefit to the prospects of your brand.

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3 marketing strategies that will boost the sales of your business

Brands that have not taken the time to establish a strong presence on the Internet practically do not not exist! Nowadays, a vast majority of potential customers use the Internet to search for products and services they are interested in. Through this post, we would like to present you with 3 key effective inbound marketing strategies that will significantly boost the sales of your business.

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Discover how inbound marketing attracts more clients to your business

The subject of inbound marketing is truly a fascinating one, through this post, will show you ways to take advantage of its virtues as they apply to strategies that will greatly benefit the progress your business makes, as it steps toward its most cherished goals.

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Restaurant marketing: How to handle social media crises?

If you ever thought your restaurant marketing strategy is taken care of by keeping an active profile on social networks, better think again! How would you handle your account if disaster struck? And by that we mean, what’s known as a ‘social media storm’, a flood of negative comments left by users, scandals originated by controversial topics or the apparent exposure of flaws in your business practices. You must learn how to handle critical situations on social media which is an essential occurrence for brands actively promoting their services over the Internet, this is a crucial demand, especially since your reputation will most probably hang by a thread if users attempt to damage your image online.

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