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How to gain customer loyalty through the use of their credit cards?

Devising a strategy to gain customer loyalty by encouraging them to use their credit card when they attend your restaurant is actually not that complicated. Currently, many culinary establishments have benefited from implementing these type of plans.

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Digital marketing strategy: How to create content that attracts more customers

Today´s potential buyers are interested in finding useful information and relevant content that can help them solve issues, teaches them exciting new things and in general, drives them out of their monotonous day-to-day routines, hence the importance of raising the visibility of your business on the Internet with a digital marketing strategy that is effective at engaging customers in large quantities.

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3 Key elements to create an effective social network plan for restaurants

You should by now be aware about how important social networks have become for restaurants trying to gain visibility on the Internet, which is why most respected culinary brands have widely adopted their use. Finding large numbers of restaurants that have failed to achieve desirable results through social media sites has sadly become a common tendency. Taking a look at those negative results could help us gain insight about what’s truly important in order to succeed in the highly competitive culinary market. An effective social network plan allows businesses to skip on the most common mistakes caused by misguided attempts, they lead to paths where increased profits will help our brand push ahead while steering clear from the rest.

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Technological trends for restaurants: What will technology bring in 2018?

The topic of technological trends for restaurants in the coming year is an incredibly exciting one. Technology has let businesses automate their customer service workflow, personalize and add that missing human element that customers have claimed for in the past. It has given users the freedom to pick what ingredients they prefer in their meals, decide between a printed receipt or a version they can receive directly through their email addresses and even play a game or two in order to entertain themselves while their orders are being fixed.

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How to gain loyal clients using an email marketing strategy for restaurants

Email marketing strategy for restaurants: through this post, will discuss how effective methodologies adopted successfully by businesses such as cafeterias, restaurants and franchises in general, have reaped tremendous benefits that have elevated their visibility among a crowd filled with fierce competition. These strategies provide useful pathways that let vendors boost sales and turn members of the general public into loyal customers who will keep returning time and time again to enjoy the best options you are willing to offer.

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5 keys to maximize customer loyalty in a restaurant

Reaching the rarefied heights where absolute customer loyalty toward restaurants translates into the admiration and respect of your peers and competitors is not a matter of fictional situations. The path to that stage most usually relies on creating strategies that give clients enough reasons to keep coming back.

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Restaurant marketing: What you should know before offering promotions and discounts

Promotions and discounts are well known restaurant marketing strategies available to vendors hoping to attract more customers and promote their businesses. As a matter of fact this kind of well-planned strategy is an ‘investment’ that could help you reach the goal of building up customer loyalty even though in most cases, it ends up being less effective, especially nowadays when the competition has increased and remains steadily arduous.

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5 ideas to promote a restaurant in social networks that never fail

Social networking websites are optimal media outlets that allow the dissemination of information and currently provide the best opportunities for businesses to advertise their services, however, choosing the best possible ideas to promote a restaurant in social networks may turn into a complicated affair, you may stop to think, how can I be sure the content I intend to publish will bring the results I expect and desire the most? What are the most significant messages I can possibly deliver in order to promote my restaurant?

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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