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Marketing for restaurants: Will gastronomy blogs actually help you attract more clients?

Ten years ago, the success of most dining establishments often relied on 3 main elements: the quality of the food being served, the set of conveniences offered at physical locations and the recurrence of customer visits. After the dawn of the digital age, the rules that defined marketing for restaurants have changed and evolved drastically. Business owners who grew used to promote their brands through traditional advertising techniques, now face steep learning curves that may keep most of them from reaching stages where the effective use of modern, cutting-edge methodologies becomes possible.

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What is a Sales Funnel and why would your business need it?

Let's assume you have already set in motion a solid online marketing strategy but it turns out that, out of a 100 visits you receive on your website, only two customers actually end up making reservations at your restaurant. Through this article, we would like to introduce you to Sale Funnels, a process that will help your business boost its profit margins and facilitate the delivery of the level of service your customers deserve.

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Discover how inbound marketing attracts more clients to your business

The subject of inbound marketing is truly a fascinating one, through this post, will show you ways to take advantage of its virtues as they apply to strategies that will greatly benefit the progress your business makes, as it steps toward its most cherished goals.

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Are you trying to attract more customers? You need a restaurant website!

What would happen if one day you stopped everything you were doing, looked around and realized that even though you have so much going for yourself: your restaurant offers great service, the food is great, diners feel cozy inside your establishment, the menu items and the staff that serves them are top-notch, yet, most tables remain empty, there isn’t much going on, at least not as much as you had previously envisioned? A scenario like this would worry even the most seasoned business owners, they’d most probably start trying to figure out how to attract more customers. Would going online and starting a restaurant website provide the solution to such a dilemma?

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Marketing for restaurants: How to take advantage of seasonal marketing?

Seasonal marketing for restaurants focuses on taking advantage of the seasons of the year and the festivities celebrated on them, turning them into sales opportunities for your dining establishment, this allows businesses to plan special events and promotions in dates such as the Holy Week or Halloween. These celebrations provide vendors with a chance to innovate, reinvent themselves and accommodate the taste and preferences of crowds who will ultimately end up selecting them as the best possible choice.

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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