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Strategic restaurants: avoiding 90% of the reasons why most culinary establishments fail

Posted by Feb 6, 2018 11:02:15 AM

Becoming the owner of a successful brand is not just a matter of luck. Strategic restaurants, those who take the time to implement great strategies and act based on the input they receive from their clientele, make up the core group of those commercial entities that continuously end up reaching paramount positions after venturing into such a competitive field.

Most business owners are aware of the challenges they face, a large amount of food vendors end up failing and closing their doors never to come back. Through this post, we will point at the most common factors that contribute to adverse scenarios that may contribute to the demise of restaurants and follow up with ways to avoid them.

Not knowing your clients

In order to have an accurate idea on who the service will be directed to, it is paramount to define efficient restaurant strategies. Achieving ultimate success among fierce competition demands laying down the correct groundwork that will let your brand attract those members of the target audience you wish to see come through the doors of your business.

It is essential to do your research and come up with the exact profile of the customers you would like to cater to. Believe us when we tell you: once that has been taken care of, reaching those clients will turn out to be an easy and hassle-free process.

Once you are clear about the profile of that ideal customer, the image your restaurant is trying to project and many apparently overwhelming details about your business will sort themselves out. This works because the identity of your clients will fit within the niche of your brand. Defined marketing strategies lock in the preferences and needs of your customers with the services and products you are ready to offer to them.

Lack of presence on the Internet

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Recent statistics indicate that more than 65% of the world population use smartphones to search for options over the Internet before paying actual visits to vendors in order to give them their business.

This fact alone should be reason enough, for businesses that wish to remain competitive, to create digital strategies that will ensure solid presence, not only on social networks but also as contenders being mentioned on review sites. Potential customers browse such websites in order to gain insight based on feedback left by patrons who have already tried options similar to those they are interested in.

It is crucial to set up and manage a dedicated webpage that is aligned with effective marketing strategy for restaurants, this will surely attract a large number of those potential customers who use Internet search engines such as Google, to review your attributes and book a visit with your business.

Unmotivated and dissatisfied personnel


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One of the main reasons that causes employees to feel unhappy and quit their jobs is closely related to the lack of growth within an organization.

This is mostly brought about by poor staff selection processes and insufficient training which immediately translates to the delivery of lacking service that most clients will be able to notice right away, they will feel cheated after being provided with terrible customer service, a serious mistake that is below the standards of established, strategic restaurants; needless to say, this mistake needs to be addressed and corrected before your daily operations begin.

A great way to reverse this misstep consists of thinking ahead about the type of staff members you would prefer to hire, choosing candidates that will easily adjust to the values of your restaurant will contribute to the increased satisfaction of patrons both new and seasoned.

A significant factor we must also mention: a satisfactory benefits plan must be defined and offered to your employees! This will keep their motivation and spirits high and translate into great customer service which will also contribute to prolonged loyalty to your brand for many years to come.

Cluttered and messy restaurant menus

Restaurant menus offer the first impression about your business to new customers.

Believe it or not, this seemingly insignificant element is actually highly important, it should be included as an important factor in marketing strategies for restaurants that aim for ultimate success.

Great restaurant menus need to accommodate thoughtful and attractive design standards while adjusting to the needs and expectations of your clients and the image your brand is striving to convey.

It is also important to make sure that the menu being handed to customers is written in ways that strategically guide their attention to food items ranging from medium prices to those that are more expensive. The price of a meal and its value are closely related: clients looking to satisfy their hunger but  are not able to find dishes that seem appealing (regardless of the price), will feel frustrated and opt to leave without placing an order.

Strategic restaurants, finding the right approach

The process of building up a successful culinary franchise is not limited to keeping your credentials up to date or selling great products, it requires a significant amount of hard work and effort. Customers interested in what you have to offer must know you are out there and once they visit you, they need to be treated to excellent service that will cause them to leave wearing a smile on their faces.

The competition in the food service industry remains fierce but you should not let that fact intimidate you, it is indeed possible to surpass your competitors. Take the time to prepare and put a big effort into strategies that will define a unique identity and set you apart from the rest. Providing an enticing option will attract a higher number of new customers. If the level of service you offer is second to none, they will keep coming back and the number of future, loyal clients will keep going up!

In the restaurant business, efficient marketing plans, creativity and the quality of customer service being offered are crucial factors that go hand in hand. The figures of operation budgets required by certain marketing strategies may sometimes seem outrageous, the heart of the matter is: if that capital is being used wisely while taking into consideration the type of client your brand is hoping to serve, those expenses will turn into productive investments that will launch your establishment onto fruitful stages of new growth.

We must close by reminding you not to forget about paying attention to emerging new trends. Adjusting to them will place your brand on higher ground, making it easy for your restaurant to stand tall among vendors who have a tendency to take those tendencies for granted.

The staff of Business Miami Smith invites you to continue learning and discovering new ways to become the best among competitors in your local area and evolve into a favorite choice in your community.

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