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How to build an effective seasonal marketing strategy for restaurants in 2018

Posted by Jan 18, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Would you believe us if we told you there is a safe and sure way to boost sales to the maximum several times a year? Through this post, we will offer guidelines on how to put together a seasonal marketing strategy that takes into account the celebration of particular dates your restaurant can benefit from. It involves taking advantage of certain holidays in order to create special promotions and events that will definitely benefit the interests of your business.

This restaurant marketing plan can be adopted by implementing small but powerful ideas you can use to attract clients who will get into the spirit of each day and gladly contribute to bring your enterprise closer to the goals you hope to reach.

Advantages of adopting a seasonal marketing strategy for restaurants


1. Achieving sales that skyrocket high in the sky!

Festivities always come in handy as an excuse to gather family and friends, to go out, share and enjoy a different day, away from what is regular and mundane. Customers will always be interested in options that will let them savor that type of special feeling through enticing offers and irresistible menu items. Offering that notion of a unique and genuinely good time opens the door to offering pleasant experiences that will definitely be hard to forget.

2. Lower advertising expenses

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Festivities offer most people a chance to go on vacations, arrange parties and search for products that will help them get into the spirit of special celebrations in order to have a wonderful time. Since customers already show a predisposition to get a hold of products that offer benefits that please them, it’s wise to provide them with options that adapt to specific dates through the adoption of customized seasonal promotions.




3. Position yourself as the best in the market

It is obvious that many restaurants will be ready to set in motion marketing strategy plans that will take advantage of most festive dates. It is also okay to expect strong competition and even to get acquainted with a market saturated with offers that will try to cash in on the most popular and cherished celebrations. You will also and most surely notice how the low prices they’ll offer will almost be impossible to match while already working at a loss!

However, such factors should not become an issue that should discourage your efforts. The key to rise up in fiercely competitive scenarios like the one we described above, resides on putting together creative, unusual and fun strategies such as offering unique experiences at attractive prices in order to bring in profits and memorable experiences your customer base will continue talking about for years to come.

Solutions that work, demand finding ways to adapt the theme of specific holidays to the services and products you usually offer through the course of your regular business hours. Creating a calendar with promotions and special offers that focus on the motifs of peculiar dates, is definitely a great way to get ahead of what your competitors will most probably quickly put together, a day or two after noticing a festivity has quickly come upon them.


Key dates to create seasonal promotions in 2018!

In addition to traditional festivities such as Christmas or those colorful carnivals celebrated in some countries, there are other, particularly curious holidays that are celebrated through different parts of the world. They will provide your business with grand opportunities that will let you assemble seasonal marketing strategies that shall surprise most followers and members of your community.


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National Chocolate Cake Day (January the 27th)

This one is a popular date celebrated in the United States but regardless of where you are, it will always be a day most will welcome! For this celebration the marketing strategy may consist of offering dishes that include a chocolate cake, according to your restaurant theme, or a chocolate product that is related to the area where your business is located. You can encourage your customers to post their own chocolate cake recipes through their social networks accounts or upload pictures of the dessert they will be having at your restaurant on that particular day.


Pizza Day (February the 9th)

The celebration of pizza day is a popular staple among most restaurant marketing plans, given this date honors one of the most eagerly desired meals the world over. Taking risks launching a series of particular and innovative flavors will surely be appreciated by your clientele, for example, how about focusing on elements associated with the culture where this delicious dish was created? You could try putting together a pizza using unusual or exotic ingredients in order to celebrate such a cherished and special day.


Wine Day (May the 25th)

To celebrate this beloved distilled grape beverage, bedazzle your customers by offering a wide variety of wines on that day! Inviting clients to a wine tasting gala along with a selection of your finest dishes may indeed work as a great idea that will definitely strengthen the effectiveness of your restaurant marketing plans.


Egg Day (June the 3rd)

One of the oldest, most unequivocal and classic meals in our culture is that of the egg. On the day it is commemorated you should not feel obliged to limit yourself and offer plain chicken egg recipes; you are welcome to put on the hat of a bold explorer and dare venture into meals that incline towards the use of duck, goose, or quail eggs. If you feel like it and count with the the necessary funds, you could also go ahead and try surprising your patrons with a lavish serving of caviar or fresh ostrich eggs!


French Fries Day (July the 13th)

When that time to celebrate French fries comes each year, there is a wide number of options at your disposal, most spin off from the original recipe by adding either mayonnaise, sweet mustard or other exotic and sumptuous variations. It is perfectly valid to provide customers with a menu that lists an assortment of such alternatives in order to captivate them with experiences that will satiate and delight their palates. How about starting with this idea: come up with innovative servings of French fries and encourage your customers to place a name on the dish they just tried, upload photos or videos of their reactions to your social media accounts in order to entice the curiosity of fans and followers; this will surely motivate them to visit your establishment on future dates!


Oyster Day (August the 5th)

The oyster is known for its nutritional contributions and also for the great role it has had as a part of human history since the beginning of times, when it started being harvested. In the United Kingdom and the United States this day is celebrated by serving raw oysters or through the careful preparation of fancy recipes that take advantage of its fine and particular taste. Those who are not willing to take risks with them are indeed welcome to use their creativity and for example, decorate their dining rooms with images and motifs that create special environments associated with this date. This may certainly motivate your customers to take pictures and upload them to the social media networks of their choice which will surely help you promote and raise the visibility of your brand.


Cheeseburger Day (September the 18th)

The cheeseburger, a delightful icon for those who know what’s best among all the choices fast food has to offer. To properly celebrate this day, begin by serving it with different kinds of cheese such as cheddar, feta or mozzarella. Try mixing things up a bit by adding chicken or vegetarian options as opposed to the usual hamburguer that includes just beef. The sky is the limit, use your creativity to kick recipes up a notch or two! A neat way to promote your restaurant consists of encouraging your customers to add hashtags or labels directly associated with the name of your business on social media networks such as Twitter or Instagram while offering free meals to, for example, the first ten users who act on unique challenges associated with this date.


Taco Day (October the 4th)

Taco Day celebrates the worldwide acceptance of this supremely popular Mexican specialty. On this date, your restaurant should be able to take advantage of the seemingly endless variety of this dish by serving it with culinary elements such as: meat, pork, chicken and exquisite marine ingredients. For those who enjoy taking risks that will surprise and delight their customers, we suggest the pizza-taco and of course providing vegetarian clients with suitable, alternative options. This is an item that will most surely encourage curious onlookers and members of the general public to step through your doors and give you their business!


Nachos Day (November the 6th)

Nachos are one of the most flexible foods since they can be served as appetizers or as completely independent, stand-alone meals. These tortillas covered with creamy cheese, can easily be offered along with other ingredients such as fried beans, roast beef, chicken, jalapeños, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, sour cream, and guacamole. They are perfect for creating elaborated promotions aimed at fulfilling the expectations of different types of clients. A neat way to celebrate this date involves the participation of your target audience by inspiring them to share personal stories and recipes related to this dish through the social network accounts your brand uses to promote your restaurant to the world over the Internet.


Lager Beer Day (December the 10)

Lager is without a doubt, the most popular variation of beer in the world to this day. Before its special day arrives, take the time to get ready, make sure you will celebrate the occasion by providing your customers with an extended range of brands from different countries. Serve them accompanying dishes that play well with its particular and exquisite taste.   

We hope we have satisfied your curiosity about these seemingly eccentric and unconventional calendar dates! Well established restaurants that have benefited from the respect of customers through many years of excellent service are increasingly joining the competition by celebrating special events on the days that honor the iconic food items we have mentioned through this post. Do not be discouraged, creativity remains as the key that will let you surpass their efforts and achieve equal or greater success!

Go ahead and relax, you now have the chance to look ahead in order to implement and cultivate restaurant marketing plans that will lead you to the completion of your most lofty goals. It’s 2018, time to have fun, innovate and grow while providing your clientele base with extraordinary culinary experiences they will never be able to forget!

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