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Sales strategy: How to attract customers through lead generation?

Posted by Jan 10, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Attracting clients through the use of a concept known as Lead Generation has proven to be a very effective sales strategy for businesses looking forward to reaching a massive volume of interactions that result in final purchases by satisfied customers and a significant increase in profits.


Lead generation often refers to prospects, a person who shows interest in what your business has to offer through interactions that develop through one of your social media channels, or by filling out a survey or online form to participate in a contest that you have sponsored on the web.


To get to that point, users would have had to share relevant personal information by downloading a free ebook you offered or by engaging with free content you published on social media, perhaps you received a positive review on a specialized site or through other networks after a group of customers enjoyed your products or services.


By getting a hold of customer data, it becomes simpler to contact them, for example, through simple but enticing emails which makes customers expect receiving periodical content they may be interested in after having left their contact information. This approach must be adopted without being intrusive, making sure your business is not serving advertising that would contribute to scaring your target audience away.


The marketing of prospects generation is based precisely on applying strategies that capture the attention of customers in a natural way by making an effort to provide useful information aimed at those who have already demonstrated, in some way, to be interested in your products and services. The point is to offer interesting facts and data which will eventually make it easier for clients to get to know more about what your business has to offer. This facilitates the reception and assimilation of relevant content, given clients are the ones who, to begin with, have taken the initiative to establish a connection without being chased by an overly eager salesman (as was customary during the old days of mainstream marketing).


Steps to building a sales strategy that actually generates leads


Deciding on applying the generation of prospects as part of your sales strategy implies your business needs to count with different marketing channels through which users can get to know your brand better and by that we mean: a website, a blog or a social media account. You need to make it easy for clients to find you, connect and engage with your brand, you must facilitate the means that allow users to reach you.


1.- Invite to action

On your site, page or blog, you must incorporate an image, signal, button or message that captures the attention of users by encouraging them to take an action such as filling out a form, that will allow them to immediately participate in a contest. This approach works wonderfully toward capturing their attention while granting you with the opportunity to get a hold of relevant and truly valuable information.


2.- Forms

In order to be able to contact potential customers, you must do your best to have them fill out a form with relevant personal information. Such forms must be visible and easy to find, they must clearly specify certain mandatory fields (such as their email address or a current telephone number that allows you to contact them). Make sure your privacy policy is transparent and readily available, this will let clients know you are being respectful of their time, efforts and intention to do business with you.


3.- Offers

The ‘hook’ that contributes to attract promising prospects focuses on the added value or content you supply visitors with; this makes it easier for clients to visit your webpage and make up their minds about providing you with their personal information (voluntarily) while retaining a legitimate desire to get a hold of the products you intend to sell them.


How to deliver quality content that generates prospects


1. Ebooks

According to a study conducted by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) income from the sale of e-books could amount to about $8.7 million dollars by the year 2018. This trend could prove useful to businesses trying to find alternate ways to provide interesting information that may contribute to capturing the attention of members of their main target audience. It also supplies them with a pathway that can be utilized to strengthen both personal and commercial bonds.


2. Webinars

Users have proved to be eager about finding and assimilating meaningful information, this is the reason that makes online seminars and workshops so popular these days. It is highly important that the content you offer is significant enough to stimulate the interest of your visitors. If the knowledge you offer is relevant, up to date and based on facts that provide beneficial results, members of the general public will show up and surely leave positive comments and recommend your webinars to other parties who may also be interested; this will contribute to the elevation of the trust and prestige enjoyed by your brand or personal business.


3. Multimedia

The term multimedia broadly refers to audio or video material that delivers messages through documentaries, handbooks, videos or guided content (among others) aimed at specific members of your target audience. Audiovisual media is wonderfully suited to carry information in ways that surpass what can be achieved by advertising campaigns presented through plain text. The creation of multimedia content has a tendency to require complicated steps and techniques, it also demands higher production costs but we need to strongly emphasize that the end results will definitely be worth the capital, time and effort you plan to invest in order to generate promotions that will give your brand a chance to secure impressive results.


4. Newsletters


Getting users to subscribe to your newsletter is a significant step you must take, given it implies new customers are willing to receive and process information related to the goods your brand has to offer. Once your prospects become subscribed members, you should value their time and treat them with respect by providing them with information that is actually relevant and meaningful which, in turn, will make them look forward to hearing what your organization has to say in the nearest future.



About the optimization of your landing page

It is important to take into consideration the subject related to the optimization of your web homepage, an essential factor in effective prospect generation strategies that closely relates to the amount of success you can potentially achieve through strategies aimed at attracting new clients. Keeping this in mind will help your site draw in the right type of visitors while at the same time, facilitating the incorporation of prospects without complicating the process of gathering and analyzing customer data. Therefore, your landing page is expected to be highly functional, well designed, finely executed and fully operational by the time it is made available to all users.

The generation and analysis of prospects is a marketing strategy that strives to: single out those customers that are really interested in finding out more about the brands they have tried and liked, to provide them with all the information they may need until their expectations are fulfilled and to point to steps they could easily follow in order to finalize the purchase of the products or services your business is currently offering.


Do not make the mistake of selecting random users or contacting just any segment of the general public who may not be interested at all in what you are trying to sell. Old methods that blindly offer promotions, regardless of client preferences, have already become extinct and left behind as subjects to be observed the same way one would marvel at the bones of a dinosaur in a museum.


Remember: you are educating your prospects, you are drawing them in by offering relevant information and by exposing them to what you do best. You are selling a positive image, you are letting them know how your products and services will immediately or in the long run, benefit their lives. Acting on such premises will reward your marketing efforts with positive results that will translate in a larger amount of new followers which will in turn, increase the chances of increasing your margin of profits. If you are interested in finding support and even more ways to develop fruitful marketing strategies that will help your business thrive, feel free to contact us.

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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