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Restaurant marketing: How to use review websites to your advantage

Posted by Nov 15, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Anyone who benefits from effective promotion knows how important it is to never forget about restaurant marketing review sites, a relevant set of strategies available to businesses hoping to yield great results; Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook are some of the sites where visitors leave comments about a variety of products and services. A public forum where users leave any kind of comments? That seems a bit risky, doesn’t it? It turns out, this feature could greatly help you reach large amounts of clients who will feel reassured about what your restaurant has to offer.

It’s common for millions of people to go on review websites in order to figure out what is good or bad about businesses they feel attracted to, say for example, the service offered by a hotel or the meals served at a seemingly interesting restaurant.

The ease with which these popular review sites can be accessed and used, make it a breeze for people to go online looking for information about restaurants nearby and make up their minds about when and where to have a meal in the most interesting options they are able find.

It is important to join others leaving comments on such websites since at least 84% of users trust these reviews as much as they would trust a positive comment made by word-of-mouth. Imagine now, the quantity and quality of customers you will be able to bring to your establishment after they do a local search and discover your business.


Why are review sites important to restaurant marketing strategies?

The numbers don’t lie, studies made by Google and other research companies specialized on statistics about the Internet, point out that 90% of clients read at least 10 different comments before they decide on a  restaurant they might like, this goes to show how important review sites are and how they can influence the popularity of your restaurant.

It is a bit odd though, how many restaurant managers still have their doubts about adopting this feature, probably out of fear of receiving negative reviews that may harm the reputation of their business.

A great restaurant marketing strategy for restaurants will always include measures to overcome negative online reviews but you must always remember that if you are offering excellent service in the first place, positive reviews will have a beneficial effect that will bring in more customers looking for a satisfying experience.

It is truly important to find ways to include review sites as part of your marketing strategy since, demanding users who would want to spend their hard-earned money in your restaurant, will most probably look your establishment up online and read comments about the attention, quality of service and how good the food you serve is before they decide to give you their business.

It is a fact that at least 74% of consumers claim to trust more in a restaurant after having read positive reviews, a statistic that should encourage your business to invite patrons to leave comments about the quality of the service they received on social media sites as part of an effective marketing strategy (this should include your own website along with your Google profile).


What’s the best way to use review sites to the advantage of your restaurant marketing strategy? 

There are many ways to manage opinion sites to your advantage, the great possibilities that these sites offer can raise the visibility of your business and help you draw large crowds of new customers in.

Yes, go ahead and ask clients if they enjoyed the service you gave them and encourage them to share their opinion on popular social media sites, don’t be afraid to receive little or no feedback, 7 out of 10 customers have shared reviews after being asked to do so, that’s definitely an element that will work to your advantage.

Customers who went to a restaurant, were treated professionally and enjoyed outstanding service will most surely end up leaving positive comments that will help your business gain exposure and a greater number of interested, future clients.

Some of the policies to deal with cases of dissatisfied customers include giving them a dessert on the house or handing discount coupons to be used in your restaurant while apologies are offered in a calmed and professional manner. It’s crucial to avoid heated arguments and train employees to keep a friendly demeanor until difficult situations are resolved successfully.

Take these tips into consideration and you’ll have very little to be afraid of. This new digital age brings opportunities that can help your business grow and thrive. The resources at your disposal are truly powerful and will let you improve your reputation without having to invest large sums of capital in traditional advertising campaigns. It then becomes important to learn how to incorporate these advantages to your restaurant marketing strategies.


The 3 most popular online restaurant review sites

We’d like to advise you to create good profiles on the pages we’ll mention below and to generate quality content once that’s settled in order to attract more customers willing to leave positive reviews that will greatly benefit your business.

1.- Google

Google reviews are currently the most popular worldwide. Why is it important for your restaurant to receive positive feedback on Google? Many customers search for restaurants using Google Maps, they use the body of such reviews to decide where to go next. This is why your business needs to set up a nice Google profile and leave features clients can use to express their opinions about the satisfactory quality of service you intend to offer.

2.- Facebook

A vast majority of people have already opened user accounts with Facebook, they use this popular social network to post pictures of meals they have recently had and what they thought about them so friends and family are also able to appreciate them.

Those active users represent a valuable asset for restaurants given how customers like to ask questions about the menu, tag pictures taken while enjoying your establishment or leave comments about the service you offered them. Both positive and negative comments will provide advertising to your business. It’s important to design a good content strategy, we are willing to help you achieve this goal, please visit our website business.miamismith.com

3.- TripAdvisor

Review sites like TripAdvisor are essential for restaurants since most information found there is actually provided by users. This helps boost the confidence of potential customers hoping to put their trust on the gastronomic comments found all over this network.


How can not appearing in online review sites impact your restaurant marketing strategies?

Internet networks, websites and the entire online world have unified to make our life simpler. Digital platforms have become effective at linking potential customers with businesses through the convenience provided by the use of smartphones. Brands that haven’t established a defined presence online will have a very hard time adapting, growing and are possibly at risk of becoming extinct.

It is common for misinformed restaurant owners to make the mistake of thinking negative comments should be avoided at all cost. They would even consider shutting down their entire website in order to keep users from leaving that type of criticism.

However, the fact is, customer reviews will always show up somewhere because users are eager to voice their opinions, some would even go as far as creating websites mentioning certain companies and brands that have either blessed or offended them, sharing their impressions and offering criticism about their products and services which goes to prove how, naturally, someone will always find a way to say something about the experiences they have been through.

Take control of this by letting your customers express themselves, maintain your ubiquity all over the social networks you participate in, remain visible through Google My Business and Google+ in order to generate good local search SEO and inspire your clients to leave good reviews by offering great service and a pleasant restaurant experience they won’t be able to forget.

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