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Restaurant marketing: how posting on Instagram can put your business under the spotlight

Posted by Feb 23, 2018 7:09:00 AM

According to adweek.com, Instagram currently counts with more than 800 million users! For this reason alone, it is considered an essential tool for effective restaurant marketing strategies. The rate of success enjoyed by thousands of established businesses proves the fruitfulness of this peculiar social network. It has become increasingly important to invest time and effort into embracing the benefits of this popular digital channel and use it to publish content that will most surely reach audiences in every corner of the world.

In order to achieve the best results publishing on Instagram, your business needs to focus on attracting large volumes of potential customers by taking into account a group of actions that will magnify what is unique about your brand and separate you from what your competitors have to offer. We will now show you how those actions can be used to deliver engaging content that will expand and connect with users in your intended target audience.

Restaurant marketing on Instagram requires resourceful strategies


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The first action your business must adopt in order to make your brand visible on Instagram is to outline a specific and detailed strategy manifested through a schedule or content delivery calendar.

It should easily help you plan out what content is going to be promoted on social media on a weekly and monthly basis, including the exact dates when tags, captions and stories (that will be published along with image or video files) will be made available. This delivery calendar should include the hours of the day when your company plans to post information to your followers. It is crucial to remember planning Instagram stories ahead of time since this type of content has the potential to dictate trends and provide you with astonishing results which will boost and raise the visibility of your business on the Internet.

It is necessary to define digital marketing strategies ahead of time in order to make sure your content reaches a large number of users. It is a fact that more than 80 million photos are uploaded on Instagram each day! This could become a significant issue unless your campaign deals with it in a wise way. However, you can overcome this obstacle by researching the type of content your fans and followers are actually interested in and what times of the day they tend to connect to Instagram. Delivering specific content during those times of the day will provide you with a golden opportunity to engage and actually reach them.

It is also important to plan in advance and take advantage of holidays or occasions that celebrate peculiar, non-traditional events such as pizza or chocolate cake day.

Foreseeing the arrival of those unique days, provides your restaurant with the opportunity to devise effective ways to attract and engage potential customers by, for instance, encouraging patrons to participate in contests that will allow them to get significant discounts or gain access to special events.

Use tags to further the reach of your posts

Whenever we feel it is important to add tags to our Instagram posts (with the aim of reaching the widest amount of users possible) it is crucial to first do research on each one of those tags we intend to use, in order to find out how active they already are among the group of users we are hoping to connect with.

This can be accomplished by reviewing the number of times each tag has already been published. An average of around 100.000 publications will provide you with a good indication on how the use of specific tags, will become a relevant factor when delivered next to our posts on popular social networks.

Another option to increase the reach of our posts is to hire an influencer, someone who is significantly popular among members of the target audiences we intend to attract. We should invite such personalities to upload photos and videos, through their social media networks, covering the experiences they had while enjoying the best your restaurant has to offer. This has the potential to become a meaningful promotional tool that will let your business crossover and connect with the mass of followers that interact with those influencers in order to also include them as part of your clientele.

Publish content that goes beyond appearances

Once you have made up your mind about the tags you intend to use, it will be time to take a closer look at the image your brand aspires to project. Fierce competition in the gastronomical field (specially on social networks) is to be expected. As a consequence, it is highly important to publish pictures that do not just show what products look like, content must also tell a story! This will create a great first impression and turn engagement with potential, new customers into a meaningful and enjoyable process.

Let’s say you upload a photograph that shows a couple of friends consuming an excellent meal and having a great time at your restaurant, maybe you would prefer to post a picture of a couple enjoying one of the best wines from your collection? Regardless of what you end up publishing, what matters the most is to bring light to the stories behind such images! This creates opportunities for clients to relate to your business through experiences that seem pleasant and appealing, creating a desire to visit you in order to give your products and services a chance.

Be social on Instagram

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Instagram is a social network that connects people, facilitating fruitful interactions between potential customers and brands. In order to establish an effective bond between potential clients and your restaurant, you must develop an effective communication strategy in which you must define how to handle specific situations.

Once you define who your message will be aimed at and find ways to bring your content forward, you will need to initiate interaction with your Instagram followers by providing them with prompt answers to their doubts and questions, leave comments that contribute to a memorable experience, awake positive emotions and encourage them to visit your establishment, eventually turning them into loyal customers.

We do not recommend using your Instagram account as an ‘item catalog’, that is, as a medium that limits itself to displaying photographs of all the dishes available at your restaurant. Using it that way, will have little to no effect and fail to provoke positive responses from your followers. We insist by stating that, a formula for success that certainly works, revolves around telling a story through each picture or video you publish! Take the first step by trying the ‘Instagram Stories’ feature, it will indeed have great impact among members of the target audience your brand hopes to cater to.

In order to be draw new customers in, you must take advantage of all the features Instagram has to offer. Set in motion online marketing strategies through live broadcasts, this approach allows users to upload photos, videos or text within streams that follow ‘stories’ that disappear after 24 hours!

Each file or concept you broadcast must grasp the interest of users, this includes: videos of fun activities celebrated at your restaurant, a schedule of interesting upcoming events, pictures of your staff, a brief description of the employee of the month along with a description of what that person has accomplished, contests, promotions, prizes, notifications related to changes of your business hours and so on. The sky is the limit, you are only limited by the amount of work you invest and by your creativity!

Using Instagram as part of a digital marketing strategy that will let your brand achieve its goals requires plenty of discipline and persistence. However, once you have defined a methodology that adapts to the virtues of this effective and powerful social network (and set such plan in motion), the results will impress and inspire you to seek higher levels of profit and ultimate success.

The amount of users that will engage with your Instagram account will keep on growing, this will make them feel motivated to share the content you publish with their friends, capturing the attention of a wider range of new, potential customers. This will create the momentum needed for them to eventually make a reservation online and visit your restaurant.

If you provide those clients with a great and memorable experience, they will feel compelled to let others know about it which will contribute to bring even more clients in! This approach (and sequence of events) should become the norm and fuel the progress of your business toward more ambitious goals. Your brand will continue to thrive and gain a position where most of your competitors will be left behind.

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