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Online marketing: how to turn followers of your restaurant into loyal clients

Posted by Nov 23, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Do you ever wonder if your online marketing campaign is the best it can be? Your content is relevant, users reward your posts with ‘Likes’ but still, it’s obvious your clients haven’t yet connected with your brand’s vision. The process of turning them from regular restaurant clients into loyal fans is a marketing strategy you need to get started with in order to maximize growth and profit.

We are actually referring to what’s known as conversion of leads into sales. Leads are the bits of information users leave in the data templates of websites created to promote a business.

Please be aware that it’s a fact that not all leads will actually help you gain new clients but being aware of them, is actually very important. Let’s stop and imagine this scenario for a second: 200 users visit your website, show interest and leave their personal information but you only get 20 of them to pay for your services. These numbers are perfectly fine if you focus on making an effort to convert that 10% into faithful and loyal customers.


Unique content, the first online marketing strategy you need to adopt

It is important to keep potential clients informed in order to aid with the perception that your restaurant is the best choice available to them. Take into consideration how offering an excessive amount of information will actually scare them away, make an effort to attract them while keeping the substance of your message clear and simple.

On the other hand, content has a tendency to lose value if it becomes repetitive. If you upload the same kind of content other sites are already offering, it’ll have very little impact and end up being dismissed. The solution to this dilemma is very simple: create content that isn’t available anywhere else, dare to find different angles so, other businesses struggling to capture the target audience you are interested in don’t get a chance to sway them away.

The point is to create relevant information that captures the attention of potential customers, one of the best proven ways to achieve this is by asking specific questions about the needs and preferences related to the products and services you offer.

The use of free Webinars is also a great way to interact with your clients. Digital media offers ways to bring users together through social media networks or even your own website anytime or hour of the day you choose, invite them over to participate and share information they may feel excited about, in this case, on topics related to your restaurant such as recipes, the correct manipulation of certain foods or describing specific cooking techniques.

We are convinced that, by now, the needs and concerns of your potential clients are well known to you, using the type of information they click on as a metric measure provides you with ways to deliver the kind of content they are interested in which makes it easier to win them over and successfully convert them into loyal clients.


Key points to convert leads into clients

Offering relevant content is the first step you must take in order to capture the attention of potential clients, even though there are many other tactics that can be used to convert fans into actual, paying customers. A solid plan that first defines the goals you want to  focus on must be put into action, worry about “how” to achieve such objectives later on, use the right means to reach the right audience.


  • Be there for your clients

Offering great content or asking the right questions won’t matter much if you miss the window of opportunity into which you must reply to comments made by curious users; anyone who shows interest on your products and services deserves prompt answers and attention, do not alienate or turn them away by showing disinterest. It’s important for you to be there and manage the profile of your website effectively.


  • Positioning

Don’t lose track by failing to remain active, seek out news, find impressive images, generate content that’s truly meaningful. Don’t let your blog, website or social media channels become stagnant, interact and share your opinions, create interesting discussions through forums and specialized websites, upload interesting pictures and offer snippets of news based on current events; the point is to get noticed and stay relevant as much as possible.

You can always consult an expert, no compromise needed, if you need further guidance on these topics. Let us help you position your business online in the most effective way.


Be careful with your sales technique

The whole point of being present on social networks and other online media channels is to attract customers to your restaurant, this must be achieved in suggestive and non-obtrusive ways. Try using the “invisible closure” approach, a method based on closing a sale without providing an excess amount of information, the idea is to subtly draw fans in, in order to turn them into regular clients.

This kind of marketing technique allows your business to offer useful information and sell your services and products without actually mentioning the word ‘sale’; it generates the need to acquire what you have to offer in understated and persuasive ways.

A great way to make this happen is by uploading photos and videos portraying moments when your clients received excellent service or enjoyed a great experience after choosing a special item on your menu. Do your best to seize their interest, encourage them to get to know your business better.


The importance of feedback onlinemarketing.jpg

Is there a way to know if your online marketing strategy is actually working out? The best approach is to pay close attention, cultivate an awareness on what trends your followers are invested in, how they grow and change after adopting them, measure their activity through statistics and finally, to evaluate and take an appropriate course of actions based on the results you have compiled.

How can feedback be measured? The most useful metrics available to gauge user behavior on social networks interpret what content they give ‘Likes’ to, the number of times they have visited or posted anything on their accounts, what videos they have given thumbs up to and other activities that give clues on what they are interested in. This information must be measured, distilled and assimilated in order to attract new clients and further expand the growth of your business.

By asking yourself the right questions, it is possible to study their leads: How did they find my website in the first place?, Did they find us through Google Maps?, Have they read comments about us on review sites?, What articles are they paying attention to the most?, What is it they are sharing?, Are they actually opening the messages we have sent through e-mails?, Are they clicking on the newsletters we have delivered?, What pages do they visit more often on our website?

The impact generated by your efforts needs to be measured and controlled, whoever is in charge of managing the presence of your company on the Internet must show dexterity, sensibility and be ready to regularly make the necessary adjustments. The topic that covers the ways available to measure the behavior of potential clients online is rich and extensive. We will soon discuss them in a coming article so, stay tuned!

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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