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Mystery Shopper programs and the quality of customer service offered by your business

Posted by Jan 5, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Did you know that only 8% of customers agree with those restaurants that claim to have the best service? This statistic brings light into the fact that most business managers aren’t really aware of the impact the quality of customer service provided by their staff has on their clients. This is one of the reasons behind low-sale figures and decreasing numbers of customers visiting a restaurant. You will then not have to guess about what's causing those negative reviews you have been bombarded with on the web recently! What do Mystery Shopper programs have to do with all this (you may ask)? Through this article, we’ll provide you with enough key points to grasp many new concepts that will help you understand that connection and how it may benefit the marketing efforts of your business.


A crucial part of any good sale strategy revolves around monitoring customer service on a recurring basis. As a result, the figure of the Mystery Shopper or Mystery Client was created by marketing agencies in order to professionally evaluate that vital area of the operation of enterprises in need of growth through self-examination.





What is, by definition, a Mystery Shopper?

A Mystery Shopper, also known as a Mystery Client or Undercover Buyer is anyone who has been trained to observe and review customer service processes in order to record facts and events that need to be corrected through the workflow of restaurants or any other place of business.

This reviewers are usually hired after looking for skilled and qualified individuals or by hiring specialized agencies online. They provide your company with the ability to gather all the data needed to evaluate the quality of the service you employees are currently offering to your clientele.

It’s not necessary to worry about your employees finding out about the identity of this character. The Mystery Shopper will pretend and act as a regular customer interested in your products and services. This undercover buyer will present him or herself as a single man or maybe as a married woman that, holds a job (or maybe not), they may act as a curious visitor or even pose as a clueless student who just happened to stroll by. Undercover buyers are great at not bringing extra attention to themselves, this advantage shall be taken advantage of in order to obtain an overall evaluation of the quality of service currently being offered to your clients.


What are the advantages of hiring a Mystery Shopper?

1.- Gaining knowledge on how clients feel about the service you provide them with, will allow you to take giant leaps in order to bring a pleasant experience that will make customers return to your establishment in the future and even facilitate recommendations to coworkers, friends and loved ones.

2.- This awareness also presents you with the opportunity to gain a higher ranking among the best restaurants that operate in your local area, the recommendations that your customers happily share with others will place your brand under a spotlight that will help you get noticed quickly. Now, keep in mind that this will only happen if customers already feel comfortable and hold a positive impression gained through memorable and enjoyable times while dining at your restaurant.

3.- An additional benefit of using Mystery Shoppers centers around how they allow business owners with chances to discover how employees behave when an authority figure is not present. Their observations will let you know, for example, if they chat among themselves too much instead of paying attention to their duties. Through the use of Mystery Shoppers you can manage to evaluate the commitment your staff has developed with your business, this way, it becomes easier to identify specific problems, apply the proper measures required to correct them and consequently evaluate and train your labor force until the desired levels of customer service excellence are achieved.


What kind of information are Mystery Shoppers trained to deliver?

Undercover buyers are trained to diligently study the performance of customer service workflows, they can quickly identify if the employees on duty are using the correct techniques that facilitate the sale of the products you are currently offering. They make rectifying and fine-tuning strategies that will facilitate bringing more customers to your restaurant an easy task.

Information commonly provided by undercover buyers:



  • How long did it take for customers to be noticed and served?

  • Was the place they dined at in good shape?

  • How was food presented by the employees?

  • Did the staff serving meals use the most appropriate welcome phrases?

  • Were you encouraged to add extras to your order?

  • How were meals presented?

  • Were the plates and glasses clean?

  • Did employees invite you to return for a second visit?

  • What was the attitude of employees on the day you visited?

It is possible to keep asking more questions than those above, it all depends on the points you may need to gain further comprehension on. We recommend you follow this evaluation in order to ensure your restaurant is actually providing the best possible service to your customers.

Mystery Shoppers will answer all your questions, presenting a complete report that will include the techniques used by each employee they interacted with and state if certain habits that contribute to the delivery of paramount customer service were absent.

What should restaurant owners do with the results of studies made by Mystery Shoppers?

Once you receive final feedback information from Undercover Buyers, you can start evaluating the performance of your staff and eventually offer them bonuses or any other incentives that might motivate those who have done a great job to maintain the positive aspects of their contributions while encouraging those who still need to improve to reach the levels of excellence your organization is striving to reach.

When employees are aware that, at some point during the month, they will be evaluated, they will feel motivated to provide greater service to clients, given undercover buyers could show up for a visit anytime. This will bring positive habits to your work environment, customers will be happier and the image of your restaurant will never be discarded after patrons receive bad impressions caused by mediocre or inadequate service. Once worrisome issues have been taken care of your restaurant will gain the level of respect and appreciation that leads to positive reviews and high ranking even from the most remote communities of the World Wide Web.

Mystery Shoppers aren’t just hired, temporary help, their presence is essential to the integrity of your restaurant. Through their invaluable input you will be able to evaluate if the service you are offering levels up with the standards of quality already being offered by other seasoned and well-established brands. Their observations allow you to gauge if your clients actually feel happy and satisfied about the experiences you provide for them. Hiring one could save your establishment from self-destructing by factors and people who should be laboring for and not against your best interests.

The efforts, time and money invested in your brand need to converge in crucial points that dictate steady growth toward fruitful and more ambitious goals, the path your business threads on does not need to lead to undesirable situations that may affect you negatively.

Undercover Buyers provide beneficial and highly useful input that helps brands push forward and reach new levels of excellence and growth. Hiring one is definitely worth it!

If you require further information on how to get the most from the services offered by Mystery Shoppers, feel free to contact us. We are at your service and willing to dramatically improve the chances your business has to deliver pleasant and satisfactory experiences which will  help your brand reach levels far beyond the rest.

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