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Marketing strategies: What results can you expect from inbound marketing?

Posted by Mar 23, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Inbound marketing keeps gaining exponential strength as the sales methodology of choice behind highly successful marketing strategies that best adapt to the interests of modern consumers. Its correct implementation has  offered highly effective results, leading the business owners who embraced its virtues to attract large numbers of new customers!

Just to give you an idea of its validity: inbound marketing quadruples the number of visits to dedicated brand websites each year and multiplies that figure by 24.3% after a period of two years!

In addition to the impressive numbers it is able to generate, inbound marketing provides businesses with flexible and fully measurable sale strategies that can be fine-tuned and adjusted with a great deal of precision in order to achieve the best possible results.

In the case of restaurants that adopted and set them into motion, inbound marketing strategies have not only performed effectively but significantly increased the number of new customers while raising brand visibility, turning such businesses into authoritative reference points that others in the gastronomic field will be able to trust and follow.

Read on and find out what results you can expect once your business incorporates the advantages of this highly effective digital marketing strategy!

Marketing strategies that satisfy customers

Marketing strategies.

The first step inbound marketing takes is to analyze all available client data. What follows is a defined strategy that focuses on each, specific type of customer. That is the main reason behind its high rate of success: instead of focusing on selling a product, it offers a unique experience to the clients businesses are hoping to attract.

Getting started with solid marketing strategies involves gaining access to useful information about the type of consumers your brand aims to attract, this will let you establish a referential customer profile. In addition to that, it is essential to analyze the purchase process clients follow from the moment they show interest in certain services and products until the final stages when sales are finalized. The analysis of the purchase process your target audience engages in will allow you to create a content strategy that will surely help you achieve your most cherished goals!

Through strategies such as lead nurturing, an inbound technique based on content designed to accompany the customer until they actually pay for a product, your business will be able to send subscribers information about your restaurant according to the stage of the purchase process they find themselves in. The effectiveness of this will be enhanced by the interaction of potential clients with the automated system your brand website uses to collect data and according to the type of content they show most interest for.

After you have become proficient at using this set of methodologies to your advantage, establishing direct contact by serving clients with relevant information through email marketing will lead them to make reservations and close sales. That is the main point your promotional goals must stay focused on!

Concentrating on ideal clients will give your marketing strategy an edge that will facilitate smooth and natural sale processes, this will help your business achieve total customer satisfaction.

Place your business under the spotlight

Inbound marketing techniques increase the percentage of visits to dedicated brand websites up to 62%! The process through which users will be able to find your business online will no longer be dictated by sheer luck!

In order to raise their visibility and receive an increasing number of organic visits, businesses must set in motion optimized web positioning strategies that will let clients find them online thanks to the leverage offered by today’s most powerful search engines.

Apart from the number of direct visits achieved through the availability of social media network links, you have the possibility of positioning your business on the first page of search results provided by Bing or Google, allowing you to amass an astonishing amount of potential customers out of which, 52% will provide you with valuable information you could later use to keep in touch and establish stronger bonds with your restaurant!

Expand your client portfolio!

Once clients have been able to find you, either by results processed by Google or through social media networks, it will become possible for your business to periodically gather customer data that will strengthen the efficiency of your inbound marketing strategy as you continue to make progress toward your most important goals. Getting to know all sorts of details about your ideal target audience, thanks to the content they are interest in the most and the way their interact with your brand online, will give you the opportunity to adjust and optimize your digital marketing strategy without wasting precious time or resources along the way.

By improving the functionality of your website and boosting the quality of the content offered on your homepage and gastronomic blog, the proportion of people who find value in the information you publish and feel curious about visiting your restaurant will naturally increase. That sequence of events will make the process of attracting the most suitable type of customers easier while creating a platform where sales can be effectively finalized!

Be acknowledged as the best option!

The initial stages of productive inbound marketing demand clear strategies where the image of your business is in line with the type of customer you aspire to reach. Once that synergy is in place, you will be surprised at how easy it will be for clients to discover your presence and be exposed to the benefits offered by your best products and services.

Consequently, satisfied patrons will not hesitate to recommend your restaurant to new customers who may share similar tastes. Once that connection has been made, users interested in giving your establishment a chance, will look for your website and social media accounts in order to discover information that will let them have access to the unique experiences you intend to offer.

Great content that promotes the best assets your business has to offer through: stories, articles, pictorials, promotions and video presentations has the enormous potential of awakening strong emotions among followers and members of the target audience you are making an effort to focus on. Those elements generate local brand sympathy and the motivation needed for clients to visit your restaurant in the nearest future.

Inbound marketing has proven to be the most viable option when it comes to acquiring large numbers of new customers. It produces great results, not by just selling a product but through the exposure of users who come in contact with the dedicated websites, blogs and social network accounts that represent your brand, to highly enjoyable and memorable experiences they will gladly recommend to friends, coworkers and family members!

The versatility of inbound marketing techniques also allows your business to accurately measure results during different stages of your promotional process and easily identify what works and what needs to be corrected. They facilitate building highly effective sale strategies that adapt to the character and mission of your brand.

If you find yourself in a position where you feel confident about receiving a large influx of new customers, we would like to encourage you to accommodate inbound marketing as part of your main sales strategy. It will grant you access to a world of possibilities, many of which will lead you to earn the respect and recognition of your peers and competitors throughout the gastronomic field!

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