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Marketing for restaurants: how to turn your business into a profitable operation

Posted by Jan 22, 2018 3:21:00 PM

Digital marketing is one of the most profitable methodologies when it comes to creating low-cost campaigns that adapt to marketing for restaurants. We are sure most business owners are aware of how a significant part of their efforts should concentrate on their ability to provide clients with unsurpassed service. Adding an attractive corporate image to that factor will certainly give customers plenty of reasons to spread the good word about the services and products offered by your brand.

We must however point out that publishing attractive images of your most outstanding products is not enough, any exemplary digital marketing strategy should always reach beyond those basic stages in order to carry out effective advertising promotions; we believe it’s crucial to realize the importance of delivering enticing, interesting and useful content aimed at the specific needs of the type of clients your business intends to attract.

It is also essential to reach the point where your restaurant is on par with the image you have been showing over the Internet, plenty are the establishments that go out of their way to portray an attractive appearance through social media accounts which, in reality, differs drastically from what clients encounter once they visit their physical locations. Neglecting the consistency of what is being publicized against what clients will discover may seriously hurt the reputation and level of trust that is expected from brands they consider on par with the highest standards.

Through this post, we’ll provide you with key points that will turn your digital marketing strategy into an effective plan composed of simple steps that are easy to follow; they will provide your business with the opportunity to reach formidable and phenomenal, new heights.

Social networks and marketing for restaurants

Social networks offer the chance to advertise services and products to a large volume of users, they also facilitate establishing solid brand images while making it easy for businesses to be present in the day-to-day flow of activities experienced by fans and followers who continuously keep searching for new options they may enjoy on their own or share and recommend to friends, colleagues and family members.

Keeping this in mind, we must define a restaurant marketing strategy that suits each social network we intend to be present on. Those goals may focus on letting your brand be known, increasing the amount of final sales or generating fun and creative content that ends up becoming viral; no matter what your objective is, a plan meant to turn your business into a profitable operation demands clearly outlined elements in order to achieve eventual success.

Each social network has a certain character, defined by a series of patterns established by the users that frequent them the most. There are two among a group of other powerful social media networks whose presence is massive: Facebook and Instagram, they are indeed great allies of the marketing efforts businesses expect, given the manner in which they facilitate uploading product photos, creating pages exclusively dedicated to restaurants and the products they offer, along with details that cover menu items, prices, schedules, promotions and a wide range of special services related to the culinary industry.


What kind of content should my business publish on social networks?


Marketing for restaurants

When it comes to publishing content on social networks or on your own website, the options will depend on the profile of those clients you wish to attract. It is advisable to post photos of your products, your physical locale, the staff members who provide service and images that show clients having a great time. Refrain from taking pictures in a hurry or under conditions that will leave a bad impression on users looking for interesting options. Hire a professional photographer and make sure the graphic media you publish remains competitive with other brands that make an effort to hold higher standards.

Those photos should not be published on their own, take the time to include interesting facts and descriptions next to them. Great content marketing succeeds by establishing connections and drawing potential customers in through interesting stories in addition to making a call to action that usually drives users to share stimulating images, attend your restaurant before special offers expire or visit your website in order to become acquainted with the benefits offered by your brand.

If you also choose to create your own website, as opposed to just a social media account, it is wise to publish a blog that will let you expand your reach through dedicated pictorials and more complex stories that will not be held back by the usual restrictions that limit networks such as Twitter or Instagram. Finding ways to accommodate suitable content marketing through different online platforms should be considered as a significant element that will shape comprehensive and rich restaurant marketing plans.

It is a known fact that most social networks demand the use of tags, using them will certainly benefit the effectiveness of your posts. Tags are meant to facilitate finding the content clients are interested in, you must use them wisely, an average of 10 tags will provide you with more than enough ways to establish interactions; they’ll also make it easy for fans and followers to discover the information you publish quickly.

Taking the time to get acquainted with the tools provided by social networks is also part of effective restaurant  marketing strategies. It is important to know that taking advantage of what they have to offer doesn’t solely depend on simple cycles of publishing and reviewing the way customers react to the content you publish.

Stories that are deleted within a period of 24 hours are an ideal way to, for example, notify customers of your work schedule for specific days or post photos taken right when the your staff is getting ready, before your restaurant is open for business.

Interaction with customers


Marketing for restaurants 2

Staying in touch with customers plays a key role in social media networks. It is possible some clients may have doubts about your products or the prices you ask for. It is highly important to quickly answer any questions they may have in order to create interactions and bonds based on mutual respect and trust.

Such interactions will make it easy for you to discover who is behind that mobile phone or computer screen but most importantly, if the user meets the traits that fit within that ideal profile of a future, loyal customer; this will always remain as a relevant factor that will help you determine if the message you are sharing with fans and followers will translate into scenarios where your restaurant is able to boost sales and profit beyond your expected goals.

There are many ways to start conversations on social media networks, you could start by simply posting the cover of your menu in an attractive composition or by showing photos of the specialty of the day. You could also carry out promotions that offer products as prizes through raffles or contests! This approach can be used to attract new members of the general public who will most likely proceed to tag the name of your business and encourage colleagues, friends and family members to win the chance to, for example, dine at your restaurant through promotions that will let them enjoy meals after paying significantly lower prices.


How your virtual image must match your real image


Marketing for restaurants 3

Once clients have made up their minds about visiting your restaurant (after finding information about you through social networks or dedicated websites), it should be fair for them to discover that, what was advertised online is equal to what they will encounter once they arrive at your place of business.

When the expectations clients may have about your restaurant fail to meet the actual experience, most of them will not hesitate to let other users know about it. This may seriously impact your reputation and make it difficult for you to remain competitive among brands that offer similar products or services.

We will now share the keys to prevent this from happening:

  1. Be creative designing your menus: make sure they are easy to read and designed according to the image of your restaurant.
  2. Keep your restaurant clean, everything counts, even the smallest details! Is your locale free of cobwebs and dust? Have you paid close attention to your tablecloths?, have they been washed, do they look worn out? How about the cutlery and dishes? Is the external facade of your building in perfect condition? Are the restrooms immaculate? Is there anything missing, items your clients may complain about?
  3. Train your staff, keep them motivated through a series of objectives that will let them earn actual rewards once those goals have been achieved. Their enthusiasm will have a positive impact on the service offered to your customers, this creates situations where everyone wins!
  4. About the quality of the food you offer: do your best to find suppliers who will provide you with the most succulent and freshest ingredients, hire the best cooks and kitchen staff, your menu should not list an extensive amount of dishes, focus on quality first, fine-tune your workflow so meals can be delivered promptly, grow further and become more ambitious from that general perspective. Educate your personnel on every aspect that will let them deliver delightful and memorable experiences.

The success of restaurants depend on the amount of effort owners and staff members invest while building them up. If you find ways to take advantage of the available tools, provide great customer service and raise the visibility of your brand among members of your community (by offering great products), your sales will most surely soar and your business will thrive.

This task demands knowledge about restaurant marketing and all the available options you can use to reach your goals. We invite you to continue reading the articles we have published by visiting Business Miami Smith, let us help you find new ways to promote and fine-tune the workflow of your brand, the possibilities are endless!

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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