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Marketing for restaurants: How to take advantage of seasonal marketing?

Posted by Dec 5, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Seasonal marketing for restaurants focuses on taking advantage of the seasons of the year and the festivities celebrated on them, turning them into sales opportunities for your dining establishment, this allows businesses to plan special events and promotions in dates such as the Holy Week or Halloween. These celebrations provide vendors with a chance to innovate, reinvent themselves and accommodate the taste and preferences of crowds who will ultimately end up selecting them as the best possible choice.

These special dates are ideal for plotting marketing campaigns that could attract new customers and turn those who haven’t yet made up their minds about your services into loyal clients. Times are indeed changing fast, clients aren’t just happy being offered a fine meal and great service, they demand interesting and highly comprehensive culinary experiences.  

The change of the seasons can most definitely offer your business with the opportunity to push ahead and surpass your competition.

In this post, we’ll provide you with simple and powerful ways to utilize effective seasonal marketing strategies and guide you through 3 steps on how to take advantage of this knowledge and the way in which it applies to marketing for restaurants.

Ideas to adapt your marketing for restaurants strategy to the seasons of the year


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The weather isn’t the only thing that changes with each season of the year, it also definitely affects the psyche of potential customers. Take for example how most people prefer cold drinks, ice cream and alcoholic beverages and look for places where they can relax and have a nice meal during summer days. That’s where you come in, your restaurants need to provide the best choice for clients looking to quench their thirst and appetites, become the best place for them to have maybe a fresh and chilling glass of juice or enjoy a cone of delicious ice cream; think about it, the possibilities for this time of the year alone are basically endless.

The truth is, innovation is the single, most important factor that will keep bringing new customers in. It is not necessary to change the most relevant concepts that make your business unique from month to month, you just need to pay attention and take advantage of the opportunities new seasons offer, take them as great excuses to start new events and special promotions. Give it your best shot, make an effort to get creative and turn your restaurant in a magnet for new clients, no matter what the time of the year is.

When December comes around, you automatically get the opportunity to use the Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve to create and post warm and heart-warming messages to all your followers on social media networks. How about uploading photos and videos that summarize the best, funniest, most interesting and memorable events of the year as they relate to your business? Try letting users upload their own photos or videos, those that best describe favorite moments they experienced while having a meal in your restaurant.  

You will gain much and have a great time by sharing special Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinners with your local clients. Getting to know and spend time with them goes beyond the rigidity of the formal strategies and marketing plans you apply throughout the year.

While some businesses opt to close their doors and take time off during certain holidays, yours can choose a smarter route and take advantage of each special festivity by creating promotions tailored to each season, fine-tuning your marketing for restaurants strategy and giving your locale a significant make-over. The reactions consumers have during such times of the year tend to be more predictable. It’s a matter of sending the right message and providing clients with the products and services they may need the most during those occasions.

Some family food businesses have a certain tendency to attract kids, those kids, obviously, must attend such places in the company of their parents. They are usually hoping to get combo meals that include fun surprises such as collectible action figures (based on trendy, popular movies and comic books) or miniature play sets. Create a need by fascinating those younger crowds (anxious to get a hold of the next toy), into completing collections based on specific themes and characters; their parents will come along for the ride and help boost your sales while sharing memorable experiences.

How to take advantage of seasonal marketing in 3 steps


  • Get to know the needs of your clients during particular seasons of the year


On dates like Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Eve and summer, the change of seasons gives you perfect opportunities to change the ambiance and mood of your restaurant in order to provide clients with unforgettable experiences. Proceed with creativity, gather the particular strengths of your company and turn them into original and special moments that will make your business competitive and propel your brand to highly profitable and unsurpassed new heights. Figure out what truly moves and motivates your ideal customers in order to encourage them to sample what you have to offer and turn them into faithful and habitual patrons.

  • Take advantage of the conditions of each season

Businesses have golden opportunities to innovate and make the best of the changes brought about by each new season, let’s talk, for example, about establishments that sell winter coats; in the same way bathing suits wouldn’t be considered a popular choice during that time of the year, a restaurant can make changes to the general atmosphere and presentation of their dining rooms by offering air conditioned systems, fresh environments and cold drinks while during winter time, it would more appropriate to turn electric heaters back on and offer hot beverages and cozier accommodations in order to attract crowds looking to mitigate the uncomfortable aspects of those specific occasions.

It’s also a great idea to offer special promotions before the arrival of each season along with creative slogans related to peculiar elements of those coming months. Invite clients over to your restaurant, provide them with fancy winter infusions, a summer iced tea or a delicious cup of eggnog during the Christmas holiday. Such initiatives may do wonders creating stronger bonds with new and regular customers alike.


  •  Vacations are excellent opportunities

When it’s time for vacations, most business owners get very little time off and more often than not, end up facing increased volumes of work and responsibilities. Knowing how to turn those inconveniences into opportunities (to prepare and carry out effective marketing strategies) will give your establishment a winning edge and most probably translate your efforts into substantial profit and improved credibility.       

Provide a space where your fans and followers can have a great time, enjoy a superb meal and share magical moments with friends and loved ones. Create fun and special events, offer single or group holiday discounts, create clever slogans, set up colorful local displays and place advertising that adapts to the needs of your customers through your preferred social media networks; strive to deliver unique and original promotions that will set your enterprise in a unique path, make your enterprise worth of the best and most desirable reviews.


Closing tips for your marketing strategy

Don’t hesitate to utilize all the means and channels available to create effective strategies for social media networks. The main goal is to promote your restaurant in order to gain prominence and be able to attract the biggest amount of potential customers. There is no need to be overly intrusive, deliver your message subtly and in a fresh and natural way while trying to extend the reach of your brand to new audiences. Invite special guests, influencers and collaborators to assist you in new campaigns and use the specific strengths of popular social media sites (remember how easy it is to upload enticing photos of your most succulent dishes to Instagram?) to become the most talked about brand locally and hopefully over the rest of the world.

Push forward creating game plans and scenarios that not only assimilate the best of what’s been done before successfully, also dare to add twists and new perspectives that will help your capture the attention and imagination of contemporary generations of fans and followers. Take into account that yearly events are cyclical, they come and go repeatedly which gives you the chance to excel and launch increasingly improved and innovative seasonal marketing strategies to the benefit of your restaurant.

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