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Marketing for restaurants: Will gastronomy blogs actually help you attract more clients?

Posted by Mar 21, 2018 7:02:00 AM

Ten years ago, the success of most dining establishments often relied on 3 main elements: the quality of the food being served, the set of conveniences offered at physical locations and the recurrence of customer visits. After the dawn of the digital age, the rules that defined marketing for restaurants have changed and evolved drastically. Business owners who grew used to promote their brands through traditional advertising techniques, now face steep learning curves that may keep most of them from reaching stages where the effective use of modern, cutting-edge methodologies becomes possible.

Gastronomic blogs remain as one of the most effective tools available to vendors whose goals include creating strong bonds with most members of their target audience and building unique brand identities that will let them progress beyond the efforts made by businesses offering similar commodities. If managed properly, they will let you attract and increase the number of users, followers and fans searching for new and exciting culinary experiences.

Through this article, we will examine the reasons why your restaurant should not underestimate the benefits offered by gastronomic blogs and how, adopting them into highly-effective and fruitful marketing strategies can bring formidable rewards to your enterprise.

Blogs will let you become a point of reference in the gastronomic field when used as part of your restaurant marketing strategy

Marketing for restaurants.

Publishing and maintaining an attractive and informative gastronomic blog should become a significant part of your restaurant marketing strategy. The intrinsic advantages offered by the blogging format will allow your business to create meaningful connections with followers and new customers through daily stories based on the delivery of creative content while contributing to build up the credibility your brand hopes to earn in the culinary field.

Reaching an increasingly number of new followers through a gastronomic blog depends greatly on the value of the content you wish to post. Be honest about the virtues of your business, show the most human and authentic aspects of your brand, gain the trust of new customers and encourage them to make reservations in order to give them the chance to experience the best your restaurant has to offer!

Once you have set in motion a content marketing strategy that will let you publish periodic stories and connect with users within the range of your target audience, it will be time to promote your blog through the feeds of popular social media networks, allowing your business to gain greater positioning all over the Internet.

Blogs allow you to create client-based communities

The availability of a platform that facilitates sharing valuable information (that most users will find attractive through a variety of social media networks), creates a serious point of advantage over businesses that refuse to see the benefits gastronomy blogs can bring. They can be used to describe the steps taken to prepare favorite dishes or invite patrons to special events. Blogs give clients the opportunity to interact with brands by providing comment sections where they can leave criticism, questions or opinions about all sorts of topics and receive prompt feedback.

Their flexibility allows fans and followers to collaborate by uploading their own photos, videos and stories. Blogs are fertile environments where rich Internet communities can bloom, allowing users with similar tastes to establish meaningful connections while they discuss topics that revolve around the benefits offered through the consumption of your best products. They can be integrated as part of productive strategies aimed at attracting more clients and be used to create effective means that will motivate casual onlookers to book reservations and actually visit your restaurant!  

Clients will connect with you through your history

It is a known fact that traditional marketing methods have been rendered obsolete, most of the strategies used a few decades ago by established companies, fail to inspire or capture the attention of a great majority of modern-day consumers.

Clients demand focus on subject matters that reach beyond what is obvious. They expect the brands they like to publish promotional content that awakens intriguing emotions. Invite patrons over and start relevant conversations while they enjoy slices of gourmet pizza or sample an exotic bottle of wine! Encourage them to take photos and upload them to your blog, adding interesting hashtags that will let other users find out about the experience they shared!

One of the ways in which marketing for restaurants is able to incite emotional responses from consumers, focuses on developing narratives based on true life stories that describe the humble beginnings, history and philosophy of the businesses being promoted through gastronomy blogs. Those chronicles must include the reasons behind the creation of such brands, the origin of landmark recipes, recurrent themes and their mission statements.

It is also a good idea to post stories that (through the use of multimedia content) show glimpses of the relationships between owners, staff members and other entities that relate to the day-to-day activities of your restaurant.

We must also add that, including anecdotes and testimonials from clients who feel thrilled about being part of the experiences offered by your brand, will capture the imagination and curiosity of users who follow your blog but still have not had the chance to actually visit your restaurant!

Marketing for restaurants opens the doors to becoming the first choice among your competitors

Highly successful franchises that dominate the food industry, Starbucks and Chipotle may come to mind, have created wonderful gastronomy blogs that work in conjunction with the websites dedicated to the promotion of their brands. The availability of a myriad of online platforms has let established businesses realize the effectiveness of blogs as an option that allows them to attract large numbers of new clients while enjoying the advantages provided by favorable search engine results without having to spend fortunes on futile, traditional advertising campaigns.

In this digital age, search engines such as Google and Bing provide consumers with the most efficient way to search for noteworthy restaurants. This creates the need to adopt robust web positioning strategies that will indeed facilitate drawing in local and foreign customers who have shown interest on the products and services you offer.

Restaurants that are easy to find online, enjoy the privilege of serving as reference points for clients who are willing to benefit from the valuable and relevant information they publish. Once your business manages to reach a higher level of visibility, a connection with the audience that suits the image of your brand will begin, creating strong bonds based on trust and mutual admiration.

Finding posts that were written by the owners of fine culinary establishments is a surprisingly common occurrence, some of them love telling stories, others do their best to stay up to date with current trends and the style of content most users seem to be interested in. Those who do not feel inclined to generate the caliber of content fans and followers expect to find on gastronomy blogs, are happy to delegate the management of their online presence to digital marketing agencies specialized on bringing faster and more reliable results.

Regardless of who authors the content published on blogs dedicated to the wonders of the culinary arts (the options mentioned above are perfectly valid), the main point is to acknowledge the level of success digital marketing platforms are able to provide to both business owners and the members of the target audiences they aspire to attract.

We would also like to add how important it is to create monthly content calendars and dedicate plenty of time to generate posts that rely on quality stories, photos and videos you will feel proud to share on popular social media networks. Restaurant owners who dismiss the idea of paying for the services of freelance experts, choosing instead to hire specialized digital marketing agencies, can rest assured the needs of their brands and clients will certainly be met.

We hope the knowledge offered through this article will let you take full advantage of the virtues offered by gastronomy blogs and that it serves the purpose of letting you reach your most ambitious dreams!

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