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Keys to succeed using Twitter for restaurants

Posted by Dec 21, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Despite what some people think, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks all over the world. Approximately 100 million users are active day in and day out through this powerful and dynamic platform, expressing and sharing their thoughts in a maximum of 280 characters per tweet. Therefore, this communication tool provides an excellent opportunity to reach customers, grab their attention and engage with them until stronger bonds lead to future improved customer loyalty.

Through this post, we will introduce you to specific ways on how to take advantage of Twitter for restaurants that have chosen this rich social network as a venue to promote their products and services.

Twitter is a fast and simple network that allows sharing the opinion of people in real time and getting in touch with millions of users, it has become important to use it efficiently by designing solid social networking business plans.

Experts like Peter Friedman, CEO of LiveWorld, affirm that “80% of consumers expect brands to get involved with social networking” and also that “70% of purchases are based on social interaction”. In this way, many users decide to look for businesses online before deciding to purchase goods or services, to seek opinions others may have about what those brands have to offer or simply to get to know a little more about a restaurant and the food items they are currently offering.

After visiting a restaurant, customers may want to take a look at their social network accounts, it is for this reason alone that it is so important to design an effective communication strategy that focuses on the virtues this powerful medium provides.


How to get started on Twitter for restaurants


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The first and most important step for a restaurant hoping to get a good head start on Twitter begins by setting up an informative and pleasant user profile. This sets the stage for a first impression that encourages the desire to make a connection, it will be your letter of introduction to the world.

You have to select a username that reflects the identity of your restaurant but, please keep in mind that the availability of names is a bit limited. Your brand or logo also must be present on your profile, this way, the general public will not get you mixed up with other businesses already present on the Internet.

Defining your location is also very important, if you have several restaurants, there are two options, either place all the addresses in a single profile or create different accounts for each one separately; the main point is that relevant restaurant data (physical location and contact information) should remain in plain sight so potential customers won’t get frustrated trying to find you and end up choosing other restaurants instead of yours.  

If you own several restaurants, you must decide whether to use only one or several accounts.

Take into account if the promotions, menus or offers are the same in every  location. If they differ from each other you must make a decision accordingly.  You should also consider if you actually have the resources to manage several accounts since you’ll most probably tweet from each of those accounts several times a day in order to engage the attention of your followers.

If you do not have a way to keep up with a posting schedule for several accounts, it might be better to manage just one and begin with a single profile until you come to grips with the most effective ways to use it; proceed to open another one in the future after you have gained more experience and confidence.


How to take advantage of Twitter from the very first post

  1. Do your research

What type of content is more appropriate when it comes to using Twitter for restaurants? Where can you point your strategy in order to get the best results? At this point, knowing what the competition is doing and the impact your tweets may have on users paying attention to other brands can boost your visibility and help you sway new clients your way; Who retweets? Which topics cause positive reactions among your target audience? What are the most popular hashtags being used? The intention is to figure out what works best and how to use that distilled knowledge to the benefit of your Twitter account and ultimately your brand.


  1. Engaging and connecting your restaurant with end-users

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You must create a connection and maintain a good relationship with your followers. If users leave a positive comment, be graceful about it, ask clients what their opinion is about the service you offered; what dish was their favorite? Be bold! Do not be afraid of criticism! This alone could help you improve weak areas that may have been overlooked hadn’t customers called you out on them. Many great ideas can arise from where you least expect them, be open to comments, both positive and negative, they will provide you with great chances to overcome limitations and improve upon them.

  1. Content over promotion

Although your main objective is to boost sales, users will most probably not be interested on accounts that only tweet about sales and promotions. You have to create interesting and relevant comments, offer interesting facts about the dishes you serve, ask questions, interact with your followers, the best way to sell yourself is to treat users as friends.

You must get rid of that line that separates customers from the restaurant, you must turn the tables and become more approachable, offer a one-on-one experience that stands out and brings a certain warmth users won’t be able to find among other established brands on similar networks.


Think big and stay loyal

The best advice when it comes to managing a Twitter account for restaurants, is not to abandon your followers. If you want to succeed in social networks, maintaining a steady presence is always a decisive factor. Grant prompt and courteous responses after users leave positive comments, embrace constructive criticism, remain polite and respectful at all times since, after all, customers are showing interest by acknowledging and giving you their time by offering feedback. You must then show gratitude and pay attention to all they have to say about the service you have provided to them.

Social network marketing demands a dynamic approach and being present on the sites that represent your brand. Even though your restaurant Twitter account has been created to do business, you should add that human touch and be entertaining in order to keep the attention of your fans and followers.

Offer contests, be quick to comment on relevant topics, ask questions; interact with your customer base, connect with them and create a bond through quality, sustained interactions. The strategies that require the use of social networks  for business practices have most definitely changed, if at some point the first objective was to sell, now the intention is to please, to connect with users and build a sufficient amount of loyalty that will let brands continue selling their products.

Do not settle for what’s easy, think big! The possibilities of expanding the reach of your business by applying good restaurant marketing methods are at hand! Find ways to make the best use of them, innovate and evolve. These key points will lead you to results you will definitely feel proud of in the near future.

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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