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How to increase the clientele of a restaurant through digital marketing

Posted by Feb 20, 2018 10:56:28 AM

In recent years, digital marketing has steadily gained strength, it has been embraced as a highly effective sale strategies by more and more businesses. This set of well-focused actions provides high visibility to products and services thanks to the virtues (and worldwide reach) of the Internet. This element has increased sale figures exponentially, way beyond what previous generations considered possible.

In the area that concerns restaurants, it has been adopted as a fundamental strategy that facilitates acquiring large numbers of new customers. It is well known that more than 70% of potential consumers use their smartphones to search for culinary options before before they are able to make up their minds about a suitable place where they can have something to eat.

In the midst of all the competition that has developed in the World Wide Web, the businesses that have succeeded at gaining significant amounts of new customers have been able to reach such favorable positions thanks to the efficiency of search engines and the virtues of digital marketing. We encourage you to read on and learn how to provide this benefit to your restaurant, incorporating the level of success enjoyed by so many highly respectable brands to your own.

Digital marketing allows the integration to virtual communities

Building up a strong presence online remains as one of the most crucial factors businesses can use in order to remain competitive and thrive. Potential new clients are not shy about using the technology that is available to them to look for restaurants that seem enticing enough to visit. Dining establishments that show up on among the first four search engine results (on the first page) are more likely to be chosen as the final dining destinations of such users. This advantageous position can be easily achieved through the incorporation of dedicated content marketing techniques.

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Once you become aware of this scenario, you must do your best to maintain an impeccable image online and develop a message that can be delivered to members of your target audience through attractive and optimized content. Reaching the first positions on search engine results will then become an easy process, instantly placing your restaurant next to the most desirable options available in your community.

Whether your company decides to create accounts on social media networks or publish dedicated websites that link to specialized blogs, you need to place emphasis on the quality of the content you post. Do not upload photographs of your products unless they are aesthetically pleasant and encourage fans and followers to feel attracted to your unique gastronomic proposals. Remember, the focus must always focus on the notion of delivering content your target audience is actually interested in!

Using the strength of inbound methodologies along with digital marketing strategies facilitates raising the visibility of your business in your local area. If you are serious about providing your customer base with quality service and rewarding experiences, your restaurant will immediately be able to join the best in your region as a respectable contender.

Inbound is an effective strategy that attracts new customers by persuading them to decide on the best products at their disposal. It centers its effectiveness on being transparent by avoiding intrusive advertising and creating bonds through the delivery of useful information served on digital media platforms. The use of these techniques generates encouraging results based on the appreciation customers show about the service and products being offered through review sites and positive feedback.

We will now introduce you to a set of specific actions your business should follow in order to set in motion well-planned and effective digital marketing campaigns:

Using social networks to share all your content


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Restaurants hoping to remain competitive are required to have a strong presence in social media networks, develop a dedicated  web page that visitors can navigate easily and offer attractive information on their Google Business profile; this will let users find your location on Google Maps and serve as permanent promotion for patrons interested in giving your brand a chance or keep coming back repeatedly after enjoying your service.

Let’s review the example set by business owners who decided to place signs produced by professional designers in front of their restaurants. They wisely included in them: relevant information, links to their Internet portals, colorful and attractive images along with beautiful brand logos and typography. Those elements encouraged interested patrons to stop and take a look at what they offered. As soon as that promotional effort was made, curious onlookers went online, browsed the options being offered and made reservations to dine at those establishments!

Restaurants that strive to achieve success must not only provide products of excellent quality, they should also develop an appealing environment that diners (and their acquaintances) find comfortable and interesting. Ideas that create unique, positive and memorable experiences include: text balloons with funny messages, advertising dummies that customers can use to take ‘selfies’ and special labels or stickers clients can take home and paste on their vehicles. These low-cost but highly effective promotional elements motivate customers to become part of your community, increase your number of followers on social media by word of mouth and help your brand achieve greater visibility.

Getting to know your ideal clientele and email marketing

Once a window of communication becomes available between restaurants and clients, it is important to respond in the most eloquent way possible and offer solutions that are in line with the personality of your brand as it relates to the profile of your target audience. For example, patrons who frequent Italian restaurants do not share the same set of characteristics that would align them with consumers who would prefer to visit businesses that specialize on Asian food.

Email marketing is another viable and fruitful solution that can be delivered effectively through digital platforms. It focuses on serving customers with periodical content that aims to fulfill their hunger for relevant information and can be used to discover exciting new options.

Email marketing will not provide you with desirable results if you use it to bombard potential customers with intrusive advertising and worthless bits of information, this can only lead to instantly annoying members of your target audience and force them to label your messages as spam.

We strongly recommend limiting your focus on sending relevant and interesting content: recipes that can be tried at home, announcements pointing to the availability of special menu items, information about promotions, events and special celebrations or holiday schedules. Deciding the type of content you should distribute through email marketing is not a process that relies on luck or second-guessing, it is actually based on the efforts brands make to study the interests and habits of the clients they are hoping to attract.

This knowledge should lead you to appreciate how important it is to get to know all you can about those ideal, potential new clients while discovering the reasons why they would prefer your brand over others. Once you have gained a clear vision of that profile, planning and creating campaigns aimed at them through social media networks, blogs and your main website, will become a meaningful and effective process. This approach contributes to strengthen bonds that turns regular members of the general public into loyal customers.

Building customer loyalty

One of the marketing strategies that helps culinary establishments earn the loyalty of new customers, offers patrons the chance to participate in promotions, contests and special events once they have agreed to exchange bits of personal information such as: age, gender, occupation, hobbies and reasons why they enjoy the products and services provided by your business.

After clients have provided you with this information, they will be able to, for example, earn significant discounts once they visit your restaurant over a period of time measured in weeks or months. These methods let businesses obtain valuable data about their customers, allowing them to build effective strategies that allow the delivery of quality content and contribute to boost sales.

You can also request the exchange of personal information by offering customers who have preferred to give you their business peculiar gifts such as: notepads, calendars, keychains, caps or any other items that show your appreciation while including the name, logo, social media links and contact information associated with the promotion of your brand.

Offering invitations to exclusive events, access to special promotions and discounts to loyal customers, encourages them to bring family, friends and other acquaintances on their next visit! Patrons who chose to benefit your restaurant by bringing new clients in must be rewarded and presented with ‘secret menu items’, the chance to be profiled as ‘client of the month’ on your social media accounts or win exotic prizes.  

Digital marketing strategies must go hand in hand with the experience and enjoyment provided by your restaurant so customers are spontaneously encouraged to continue visiting your business and become ambassadors of your brand.

One of the main principles behind inbound marketing dictates the disposal of traditional concepts, including the use of intrusive advertising focusing instead on showing your business as the option that adapts more closely to the needs and expectations of your target audience.

We hope this set of actions becomes a beneficial asset your business can use in order to carry its goals and ambitions toward brighter horizons. Restaurants willing to embrace these digital marketing strategies will increase their volume of new customers and boost sales beyond what can be considered possible. Take advantage of them, don’t let the opportunity of using this set of powerful techniques pass you by!

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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