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How to implement effective real estate marketing strategies

Posted by Nov 2, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Do you remember a not so distant past when real estate marketing strategies focused on finding clients through print ads on magazines and newspapers, classified listings and billboards? Such ads directed possible customers to websites of real estate companies in order to show them more details about their services.


After a while though, all this started to change. Potential buyers took on a more active role, looking for information on properties they were interested in on their own.

That's the point where the real estate business started adopting the Internet as its main medium in order to assimilate clients. The availability of well designed and easy-to-use web portals became an indispensable asset.

Through this article, we intend to give you a step-by-step set of guidelines on how to  establish effective real estate marketing strategies that will let your website maintain a steady flow of curious prospects and visitors.

Why have so many businesses failed implementing real estate marketing strategies?

It's known how so many real estate companies saw the writing on the wall yet lacked the ability to adopt such changes successfully. Large sums of money were wasted on pay-per-clip campaigns that attracted very low volumes of clients.

It is highly possible that the mistakes real estate agents made had a lot to do with overlooking a series of key points that would have attracted vast amounts of buyers (had their online digital marketing strategies been deployed in a more concise and logical way).

The first key point is to publish an intuitive and easy to use website, designed with two main goals in mind: make sure it's user-friendly and make it easy for Internet search engines to find and index its content. It's imperative your real estate marketing website ends up being as user-friendly as possible.

The second key point is to define the profile of our ideal clients, such profiles should be put together with painstaking detail, it is a priority to do a bit of research on who our most typical customers are and  draw a conclusion based on what's particular about their demographic and personal characteristics (their profession and age group should definitely be included).   

Being aware of  the profile of our ideal customers allows us to have an extremely valuable amount of information we can use, as a starting point, in order to design a well-focused marketing strategy that may result in actual sales and increased profit.

Keep in mind that all the content created and channeled through online posts and promotions should focus on attracting that specific group of clients.

There are other important steps you should follow while creating effective marketing strategies, let's then, get acquainted with some of them.

Know how to put effective real estate marketing strategies into action

Actions to take to attract more traffic online

SEO to position your website in search engines

Advantageous positioning of your real estate business requires two main factors: organic positioning and sponsored links.

Organic positioning is achieved by publishing truly practical information, anything that's useful to your ideal clients; it is then necessary to optimize the content you provide by adding keywords and tags that best describe the services our clients are interested in. Google AdWords is a tool that's able to help us accomplish this.

This is the lowest-cost strategy that will surely provide real estate businesses with a steady flow of quality online traffic.

Take the initiative to create printable guides, fee and interest calculators, publish guides and instructions that help customers with the knowledge and steps they need to take; add features such as Google Maps, integrate widgets that allow the use of efficient search engines so clients are able to locate data according to their tastes and preferences.

Sponsored links are a strategy that complements organic positioning, made up of pay-per-clip transactions that, for example, are negotiated through services such as Google AdWords.

We believe, hiring dedicated experts is the best way to ensure that we'll end up quickly drawing customers in without having to invest large amounts of money since, not everyone has the ability to know how to manage this part of the strategy where constant monitoring of behavior curves is required.

Actions to convert traffic into customers

We are now on a stage where, we must convert the amount of clients we have attracted to our web page into actual clients.

Customers in the real estate business don't buy anything over the Internet, it's more common to call them on the phone and schedule to meet them in person. It's then necessary for real estate agents to have a fixed telephone number along with a physical address listed on all the sections that make up their website (this includes all downloadable files and printable media we intend to offer).

We must also be ready to supply clients with different ways to connect with our business, some customers will contact us and leave their phone numbers and e-mail addresses, others may leave a physical address in order to meet with us, later on. Our web portal needs to present them with a variety of options that make them feel comfortable about leaving personal and contact information. Some websites we have found online, disappoint by showing cold and plain contact forms that leave people clueless about where they are supposed to call or if e-mail addresses are needed in order to receive feedback. This translates into unpleasant experiences that could be easily avoided by providing different options that would make it easy for potential clients to contact your business.

There's also another important action, that is, to generate useful and engaging content that lets agencies get a hold of visitor data, this can be applied by publishing information they can access exclusively by leaving their phone number or electronic mail address.

In addition to that, it's also important to create downloadable residential area guides, information on how to finance the purchase of property and details on any other topic they may be interested in once they have entered their contact information.

Actions for customer loyalty

The decision to acquire a property can become a process that extends over a period of many months, this is why you should take actions that secure loyalty from online visitors until they decide to become exclusive clients. To achieve this, we must stay in touch with our customers, make sure they'll keep us in mind so they'll end up being faithful to our brand until it's time to finalize a sale. A sure way to get to this point is through the implementation of an automated e-mail system that periodically sends relevant messages to all our visitors.

The distribution of this type of e-mail messages must be planned carefully, qualifying each group of visitors so it's easier to decide which clients are better off receiving brochures showing available properties, who may benefit from video presentations offering details about specific services, who would prefer to spend some time going on virtual property tours or who'd rather have their home inspected before they manage to sell it.

To sum it all up, real estate marketing strategies should be planned carefully and focused through an effective course of actions. The idea is to integrate the guidelines we have described into a single strategy directed towards a great goal: to attract visitors who will in the end, become happy, loyal and satisfied customers.

Such actions will fail on social media campaigns that forget to offer valuable information online or that are implemented through websites that don't index well on the most influential search engines out there.

Times are changing, economies across the world are being affected by severe crises. Find creative ways to integrate the actions described through this article into effective strategies that will help you gain access to significant growth and the future prosperity of your real estate business.

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