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How to hire employees that contribute to the efficiency of your restaurant

Posted by Jan 30, 2018 9:04:20 AM

There is not a simple or easy method to hire employees, it’s a task that sometimes feels like looking for a needle in a haystack, it is a delicate labor, sometimes it seems like a very difficult process. It then becomes important to know how to discern between those candidates who will end up being a great asset to your restaurant and those who will not have the best interests of your business as a relevant priority (and will contribute in minimal ways to the level of progress you hope to achieve).

Even though this process is generally not that complicated, we must go about it in a very objective way, being clear about the kind of staff members that will best suit our company in the long run. Through this post, we will give you tips that will make it easy for you to go ahead and find those diamonds in the rough and carry on with a crew that will help you reach your most cherished goals.

Get to know candidates well before hiring them



Efficient employees are not just defined by their previous training or relevant work experience, even though those are truly important factors, we must also take into consideration their core values, work ethic and their willingness to acquire new skills which will turn them into members of a versatile workforce. These elements will greatly contribute to shape up the type of employees that will perform way above the standards set by well established and renowned brands.

Framing the issue of hiring employees through this perspective will let your business partake in situations where for example, your kitchen assistant becomes the head chef, given that person has showed talent being faithful to the styles, flavors and unique delicacies that separate your restaurant from others. Employees that, from day one, adapt to your workflow and make contributions that lead to the successful completion of your objectives, make up the ‘sweet spot’ businesses need to  find before they can fully thrive.

It is then important to define what questions you should ask during interviews in order to get an idea of the kind of performance you could expect from candidates aspiring to particular positions.

Simulating important, real life situations on which the reputation of your restaurant may be on the line is one of the best options you have in order to evaluate how potential candidates will behave while being part of a team. This is a great manner in which you get to observe the way individuals manage to make game changing decisions.

There are quite a few ways to make sure potential new employees will turn out to be efficient members of your crew. One of them, is to invite seasoned staff associates they may end up working with, to evaluate and report on their performance and how they interact with others. It is also a great idea to encourage applicants to ask questions about the way your company works and gain better understanding about specific details of your day-to-day workflow.

Another important factor we must take into consideration is that of the age of candidates applying for positions in your restaurant. The ideal individual will end up working next to others who will share a specific age range, that generally represents the identity of your establishment, a factor that is defined, simply, by the type of person you feel comfortable working with. By the end of each day, your staff will mirror the living image your business projects to customers, they provide the human touch that clients will encounter and will define the quality of their experience.


Use the assistance of your competition!

When the time to hire new employees comes and you must proceed to check the CV and references of each applicant, it is wise to actually call former employers in order to ask them questions about how those candidates adjusted to the values of their companies, what specialties they excelled at and if they required special training before they started working reliably and without much supervision. Take the opportunity to blend in questions that are not only related to that particular employee, do your best to gain a better understanding of how those competitors work and if they operate under a system that is similar to yours.

Do not bother to call a competitor and ask them about the performance of potential new employees, you can analyze that factor later on, during job interviews or while testing their set of skills. Concentrate on studying your competition in order to find out if that applicant will be able to adapt to your new work environment.


Hire employees before there is a vacancy

Finding restaurant employees when there is a vacancy puts you in in quite the vulnerable position due to the sense of urgency such situations create. You may end up hiring a person who perhaps does not really want to be part of your work team or who will not adapt due to the sense of immediacy required to re-establish the normal levels of operation of your workflow.

Restaurants should be careful about this type of situation because each client deserves to receive service that represents the best image your brand can possibly provide.

Always keep the resumes of those candidates that have impressed you the most. Do not reject anyone that seems appealing through the process of hiring new employees.

Do not be modest or shy about that great prospect that is currently working in another place, it is highly possible that person is currently entertaining finding a different or better place where to work, a business that may actually be very similar to yours.

Do not wait for the last moment to open your doors to new candidates, keep a stream of resumes coming in at all times. Let your current employees know your restaurant is open to receiving them without question. Encourage members of your staff to let relatives, friends or people they know that the possibility to fit talented individuals into suitable job positions is readily available.


Offer great remuneration and incentives


hire employees 3

The survival of restaurants depends on adjusting to budgets that businesses of this category manage in order to balance constant expenses with the figure of profits they expect to reach. For this reason alone, some employees are not usually offered decent salaries in some establishments, due to budgets that don’t provide figures that cover the amount those prospects would hope to make.

To counteract this, you could create and offer benefits that are attractive enough for the kind of employees you would like to have working at your side. Once you invest in them and make them feel happy about their compensation and benefits package, you will most surely get optimal performances from them and gain faithful associates who will be willing to grow along with the best interests of your restaurant.

Counting on pleased team members that don’t feel the urge to look for opportunities somewhere else will make it easy for your business to experience increased productivity and as a consequence, benefit from sales that will boost sky high. Clients will be quick to notice the dedication put into the products they are purchasing and recommend you to people they know.

You will definitely feel great about working with employees who are rewarded for their hard work which will actually not represent an expense but an investment that will surely contribute to the health and projection of your brand into a promising future.

The process of hiring new employees can be a daunting and stressful ordeal for most business owners. The staff members you end up choosing will carry the torch and provide the service clients will talk about once they leave your establishment. They will be ultimately responsible for carrying out the operations that will make or break the image of your restaurant.

If you feel a bit intimidated about this or any other steps that will let you build a highly efficient strategy, feel free to contact us at Business Miami Smith, we are willing to assist you finding the best ways to hire the best prospects for the work teams that will let your restaurant reach heights you haven’t yet been able to conceive.

We hope this article has encouraged and made you feel excited about putting into practice the key points that will let you search and find those ideal staff members that will bring your restaurant to the next level.

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