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How to gain loyal clients using an email marketing strategy for restaurants

Posted by Dec 19, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Email marketing strategy for restaurants: through this post, will discuss how effective methodologies adopted successfully by businesses such as cafeterias, restaurants and franchises in general, have reaped tremendous benefits that have elevated their visibility among a crowd filled with fierce competition. These strategies provide useful pathways that let vendors boost sales and turn members of the general public into loyal customers who will keep returning time and time again to enjoy the best options you are willing to offer.

Once you, as the owner, have made an effort to capture the attention of such customers through social media subscriptions (by keeping their electronic email addresses on file), an important sequence of events begins which will allow securing the faithfulness of your target audience by delivering messages tailored to their needs and interests, fueling the desire to find out more about the events and celebrations held at your restaurant.

Carefully planned email marketing strategies can make the difference between a poor response and the use of one of the most effective and efficient ways to help customers come back. The reach and influence of such methods is wide and significant, it will bring great benefits to your establishment while allowing you to keep tabs on what is happening and how different factors change without having to pay a dime to third parties in order to receive assistance.

These type of campaigns start out in basically the same, usual way: users have the option to fill in a form of questionnaire on your website, blog or social media account, providing valuable personal information that includes their electronic mail address. Once this information has been logged you’ll have the chance to use it to deliver relevant content about items on the menu that are definitely worth sampling, discount coupons, promotions and events and so on.

Contrary to the opinion of most, email marketing strategies have very little to do with ruthless bombardments of spam and junk mail, they do not encompass the use of typical undesirable messages clients will have a look at and send immediately to the recycling bin. Users who openly share their email address with commercial brands have a genuine interest in the products and services they offer, there is zero cohersion, the slate is fair and clean.


3 reasons to apply an email marketing strategy for restaurants


  1. Accessibility

As opposed to traditional and mainstream domains of marketing, email marketing strategies cost so little you could say they are free, you are simply delivering a message through electronic mail.

The overhead costs are kept to a minimum, you don’t have to go to a print shop and pay for pricey brochures or gigantic posters, it’s a simple option that curiously holds unparalleled potential, It's profitable for any restaurant hoping to save on resources while reaching large volumes of new or seasoned customers.

Another factor that is important has to do with how the permeability of the Internet creates platforms where people with similar interests grow together and develop important bonds, this gives you great opportunities to easily find them, using the most appropriate channels to offer them services and products while spreading the influence of your business.


  1. Anyone is free to join in

Email marketing does not require vast knowledge or fancy, cutting-edge hardware in order to allow the implementation of priceless core values that provide restaurants with the chance to achieve great success.

Electronic mail marketing offers great flexibility by letting account managers implement steps to automate its execution in order to speed up the delivery of the messages brands would like to share with their fans and followers without having to invest obscene amounts of capital in bloated and useless campaigns.


  1. Greater chances to spread your message

Email marketing strategies offer incredible possibilities, one of the most impressive relates to how a client who receives an email from your company and likes it, can resend it to people they know and basically work for you without having to impose or manipulate them into habits they’d find reproachable otherwise. This creates surprisingly rich communities where the efforts you make to promote your brand and that extra push provided by the excitement of users who share your content, create opportunities to achieve unimaginably positive returns.


3 effective email marketing strategies for restaurants

Now that you are aware of the reasons why you should immediately adopt an email marketing campaign, it’s time to let you in on 3 important guidelines you can use to deploy such techniques in the most efficient way.


  1. Discounts

Email marketing strategy for restaurants-.jpg

If you have ever wondered how shockingly effective discount email campaigns can be, it’s time for your restaurant to embrace them and start spreading words and images that are faithful to what needs to be known about the virtues of your brand.

Email campaigns create input that may easily sway undecided customers to take the chance to visit your restaurant. Be careful though, you must first consider the discounts you plan to offer must have a due date. This will motivate clients to hurry up and pay a visit before the time to redeem such offers ends. Attending your restaurant then becomes a temporarily ‘urgent’ matter complimented by the joy they’ll find if the service you offer, in the end, is worth the haste.  


  1. Special promotions

Holidays, festivities and other special dates provide excellent reasons to create themes that can be used to promote businesses. You use them to deliver messages reminding your clients about Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s, basically anything goes, you can most definitely take advantage of the arrival of such dates to let your clients know you represent one of the best options they will ever be able to find. State that the longer they wait the smaller the window of opportunity to find the best seating or meal arrangements.That sort of approach will keep them excited and motivated.


  1. Birthdays

There is nothing like making clients feel like they matter within the scope and interests of your business. If your email database is up to date and the dates of birth of your clients were included, you’ll be missing on a great opportunity by forgetting to wish each one of them a happy birthday! The results of adopting this approach will most surely shake and impress you.

People love receiving warm birthday wishes, it doesn’t matter if they come from relatives, friends or from a brand they sympathize with. Brighten their special day even further by giving away a discount or for example, free drinks. This will create further opportunities to book sections of your establishment in order to hold a special birthday celebration or any other events when they need to accommodate others in the same way you did.


  1. Attract and educate

Feel free to use the flexibility and power of electronic messaging to deliver promotional pieces that focus on the best dishes you are currently offering, say, a group of loyal customers always shows interest toward Italian specialties each time they visit; sending that specific group information about items they sincerely enjoy will always be welcome and will definitely generate positive responses. You can then, use email messages to spread out information that is actually valuable while at the same time, using them as a tool to reel more customers in.


4 key points you should know about before implementing email marketing strategies for restaurants


  1. Be coherent about your brand

Take into account that the elements that represent your brand, your logo, the name and address of the business and any other fundamental components of your identity should remain the same throughout each message or promotional piece you deliver as mail over the Internet. This way, clients will quickly recognize you and have an easier time keeping up with your events and promotions.


  1. Segment and classify

It is important not to fire up your email client and use it to shoot the same message to all the users in your contact lists without first stopping to think. You should classify customers into different groups, separate them according to the way in which they found out about your establishment. Were they walk-ins? Have they discovered you after being exposed to a promotional piece? Did a satisfied customer recommend you restaurant to them? Then adjust the tone and content of your messages according to the interests and tastes of each group; as it’s been famously said: “Divide and you will conquer”.

  1. Your place on social media

Don’t forget to include links to your social media business accounts in each and every email message you deliver to your clients. This is a simple but great marketing practice that provides clients with choices they can use to pick what’s more convenient to them as it relates to staying in touch with the services and products you are known for.


  1. Frequency of delivery

There is a clear division set between the points where email messages are welcome and the opposite extreme where they become a complete and utterly nuisance. Users who receive bothersome emails are quick to mark such messages as spam and send them spinning into their recycle bins. Sending messages too often will cause clients to feel annoyed and also place you in the company of the rest of that content they consider irritating or intrusive.Not only must you land and be well received on the inboxes of our target audience, you must make sure you get your clients’ attention and encourage them to engage and interact with you as an entity that can provide them with joyful and memorable experiences.

Now that you have acquired the knowledge that will allow your business to retain customers through the adoption of effective email marketing strategies, go right ahead and proceed to classify the bulk of your user base into groups using templates for each specific category. Try to personalize each one the best way you can as you continue to make progress sending group emails to each segment of your target audiences. Create a calendar to help you keep up with the content you plan to share each month.

Keep your clients informed and motivated, offer them options so the mental and emotional association they establish between what they receive in their email and the actual experience of visiting your restaurant remains a pleasing, memorable and satisfactory affair they’ll hope to repeat in the nearest future.

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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