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How to gain customer loyalty through the use of their credit cards?

Posted by Feb 2, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Devising a strategy to gain customer loyalty by encouraging them to use their credit card when they attend your restaurant is actually not that complicated. Currently, many culinary establishments have benefited from implementing these type of plans.

Food businesses that were only visited by a few customers during the first days of the week, have improved their numbers by more than 18% thanks to discount programs made available to customers who opted to pay using plastic money on certain days.

Therefore, combining the benefits offered by banks through the consumption of products and services using one of their credit cards, along with the benefits customers may be granted when purchasing meals in a restaurant, remains a significantly positive factor that will help your business boost sales.

An additional advantage offered by this type of strategy relies on those occasions when clients feel they have gained supplementary benefits after buying specific goods. This brings customers a sense of extra satisfaction, leading them to advertise what’s great about your restaurant to others through word of mouth. This gives businesses using this type of plans the upper hand which can be used to surpass their usual range of profits.

Through this post, we’ll take a closer look at the strategies implemented by successful and well established brands. They have cultivated methodologies that have helped them reach their goals while raising the bar on the possibilities these practices have presented to both business owners and the customers who use their services.


How can my restaurant achieve customer loyalty?


Customer loyalty 2

The concept of building customer loyalty focuses on getting patrons to come back to your restaurant over and over again in order to have them purchase your products during each, recurring visit. However, the market has become quite competitive, achieving these goals goes beyond just providing stellar service.

One of the experiences customers love the most is that of going to places where they feel comfortable and at ease. Additionally, they sense the value of attending establishments where they can earn something extra after spending their time and resources on what those businesses have to offer. In order to gain an edge on your competition, you must adopt an efficient and well developed loyalty program, based on granting clients with prizes as a reward for purchasing specific products.

Once a loyalty program has been implemented, it becomes necessary to present patrons with rewards that keep them motivated about coming back to your restaurant. Some of the best ways to accomplish this, include the accumulation of points that can be exchanged for actual products, giving away merchandise items with the message or logo of your business printed on them, a special prize to those who, for example, have visited for the 20th time and any other special offers generated by the creativity of the staff members managing the promotional efforts of your brand.

These plans should not go unnoticed by new customers! You should do your best to promote the availability of such rewards through social media networks, advertising in your restaurant or through efforts made by your employees. Don’t lose sight of your goal: the point is to gain an exponentially higher volume of satisfied customers who will keep coming back to visit your establishment, seeking memorable experiences and willing to finalize sales.

Gaining loyal customers through benefits


Customer loyalty 3

Loyalty programs are the answer to businesses looking for an estimate on continuous sales. It is possible you may now ask yourself: How is it possible to compete against restaurants who have already implemented highly advanced loyalty programs?  To be crowned as the best restaurant in your community, it is crucial to take advantage of the benefits credit cards provide to customers who use them; banks are currently offering great perks that include tickets to concerts, big sports events and significant discounts on airfare and trips to exotic locations.

Linking your loyalty program to those offered by most banks, makes it easy for customers to earn double rewards which will positively encourage them to make as many purchases as their credit ceiling allows them to.

Once clients become accustomed to this process, your restaurant will benefit from higher figures of recurring sales. We are hoping this will let you realize how important it is not to rule out partnerships with banks, they offer programs and services that will greatly benefit the projection of your brand.


How do restaurants benefit through loyalty programs?

There is no need to worry about revenues being solely invested on the subsidy of prizes offered by businesses, most successful restaurant owners receive high levels of income through purchases made by loyal customers. Clients who are happy and satisfied with the service and products provided by dedicated establishments will readily become ambassadors of those brands.

Loyalty programs give you golden opportunities to share great times with family and friends, they facilitate going through memorable experiences thanks to the rewards subsidized by banks, credit card companies and your own restaurant.

These sponsorships provide enormous advantages to customers, they create excitement about available products which, in turn, motivates them to recommend what’s great about your restaurant to relatives and friends; there will always be someone within that group of acquaintances who will feel attracted or curious about giving the best you have to offer a chance. You’d be surprised about how far good words mentioned about businesses that care to please their patrons spread around!

These cycles, translated into numbers, provide you with ways to create a balance between what’s being spent and how that turns into real income. Those figures have the potential to expand significantly each time your volume of new clients increases, which will also boost your revenue to levels that may surpass those set by your most ambitious goals, that is the ‘sweet spot’ that defines the profits that matter to truly competitive businesses.


What can I offer to my clients through loyalty programs?

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of loyalty programs, is to implement them not only during regular days but also by giving away a greater number of points on occasions when special holidays are celebrated; clients show a tendency, on those dates of the year, to bring company with them and consume a higher variety of products. This trend becomes quite obvious on days such as Valentine’s, Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

You can also provide special service to referred clients: the individuals who show up at your restaurant after being recommended by  customers who have already registered through your own loyalty program. In this scenario, both qualify to receive extra points for each purchase they make which opens them to the possibility of earning a special prize or reward, depending on the set of strategies you defined while devising your customer loyalty plan.

Keeping in mind the goal of encouraging customers to remain engaged with the services and products your restaurant sells, it is wise to provide them with the opportunity to exchange reward points with full meals, desserts or any other items available through your menu. This is always an attractive incentive that will keep seasoned and new consumers returning for more.

Your creativity will set the limitations to what you can actually accomplish, we suggest innovating by printing the logo, mascot or image of your brand on special merchandise items such as: cups, plates, garments, flags, vehicles parked in front of your restaurant and so on.

Developing and improving upon restaurant marketing strategies is not just about attracting customers who will visit your business once, never to be seen again. A very important part of your plan should focus on figuring out what actually makes customers come back, put out a good word and recommend your establishment to family members, friends, coworkers or even people they don’t know too well.

The staff of Business Miami Smith is passionate about the importance of implementing highly effective restaurant marketing plans that will lead your organization into a brighter and more profitable future. We remain at your service and more than willing to help you create solid and fruitful strategies that will project the image your brand to the largest volume of customers possible.

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