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How to develop effective marketing strategies based on 4 distinct types of clients

Posted by Mar 29, 2018 7:30:00 AM

Inbound marketing strategies, a set of methodologies that allow selling products to customers who represent a conglomeration of ideal attributes or ‘buyer persona’, facilitates putting together promotional campaigns that are highly compatible with the specific types of clients businesses aim to attract. We would like to use this article to help you gain a better understanding of the importance of defining and working with the information derived from these unique profiles.marketing strategies-3

Every action taken with the objective of attracting members of particular demographic sectors to your business, will depend exclusively on the interests, preferred content and behavior exhibited by each group of clients.

Read on, let us help you discover the best ways to identify the most prevalent types of clients and how to create successful marketing strategies based on the traits that define them. You will be surprised about the potential these bits of information have to help you finalize sales, expand your reach and connect with wider audiences!

Marketing strategies that cater to impulsive shoppers

Customers who prefer purchasing goods over saving money can be perceived as an easy target in whom your marketing campaign should first focus on. Taking advantage of the presence of this group of consumers demands offering competitive prices on exclusive and high quality products.

These types of clients appreciate online platforms that are easy to use, allowing them to do research on products they are interested in before they get to buy them. They are also fond of being able to make reservations without having to go through a series of difficult and cumbersome steps.

However, despite the fact that many of the items they favor may be hard to find or are being sold as a bundle at attractive prices, they will remain eager to pay extra for merchandise that has been featured on social media networks, and feel even more motivated to purchase products that have been recommended by influencers or Internet celebrities.

Embracing the opportunities offered by influencers and Internet personalities as part of your marketing strategy, must not be among the options you are willing to dismiss so quickly!

Impulsive shoppers make up an attractive consumer sector for those restaurants going through their most fundamental stages of growth. In spite of them being the type of audience you should not first focus on, it will become important to take them into consideration once your business has begun to expand beyond acquiring a new customer base.

Win over customers looking to be rewarded for their loyalty

marketing strategies

This category includes a large number of customers whose life centers around their homes and who show a strong tendency to look for items that are on sale. The easiest way to get these clients to close sales is by leading them through brand loyalty programs that facilitate fulfilling their expectations while allowing them to save as much money as possible.

Offline marketing offers an effective approach that will gratify the needs of clients within this category. Adjust your strategies by including the creation of content that fits promotional platforms such as television commercials and use them accordingly to convey alluring messages that this sort of audience will find hard to resist.

This type of clients love visiting the physical location of restaurants they are interested in and make sure that the dining rooms and service are up to their standards. They also like to gather information about promotional packages, a feature you should most definitely include as part of your marketing strategy plans.

This is the type of audience you should do your best to reach once your brand has started to earn the respect of most of the members of your community.

Attract consumers who are enthusiastic about savings!

marketing strategies-1

Do not be confused, consumers who are fanatical about savings are not looking to spend as little money as possible, your marketing strategies should accommodate their most basic need: to enjoy exciting and unique shopping experiences that motivate them to have access to products and services they have not been able to discover before. Delight them with coupons and promotions that let them savor the best your restaurant has to offer!

It is also important that you do not overlook the need to have a responsive and efficient information platform online since most customers prefer to do diligent research and work within the limitations of their budgets before purchasing products over the Internet.

Basic information about your restaurant (including physical addresses, location on Google Maps, phone numbers and social media network accounts) should be readily available, make it easy for clients to do a bit of research online and find out about the services and products your business offers.

Once they visit your place of business, their first impression should be influenced by a dynamic and friendly treatment, training your staff for that positive outcome should be among your top priorities. Do your best to provide customers with a fun and adventurous experience they will be able to remember and recommend to friends, coworkers, family members and other acquaintances.

Clients who are fanatical about saving money tend not to like experimenting with new brands or products but, it is possible they may give your business a chance if you find a way to offer promotions they will feel excited to try for the first time!

Generally, consumers who are big fans of finding the most competitive prices should not be regarded as the best type of patrons for restaurants that are starting to find their place among established brands. In spite of that, once your business reaches that point, you should certainly be ready to find ways to please them!

Do your best to impress those who demand premium products

The members of target audiences who demand nothing but the best (and are willing to pay for it), will be interested not only in the quality of the dishes served at your restaurant, they will also seek being part of exclusive and prestigious environments!

Satisfying the needs of this category of consumers requires building images and concepts that fit within the trends they tend to favor. They will always prefer to spend on brands that faithfully represent their tastes and lifestyles.

Buyers who choose premium products usually opt to pick items related to those they have tried before. Taking the time to sample goods that have just come out is not a characteristic that defines them, they are clients who remain faithful to brands that only offer the best quality.

Your online marketing strategies should also include channels that provide simplified ways to deliver information about the products and services you offer to members of your ideal target audience.

Those who prefer to consume goods of greater quality, make up a group that, depending on the personality and style of your restaurant, can become a category of customers with whom you can start doing business right from the very beginning. They offer you great opportunities to extend the reach of your brand through people they already know and with whom they share similar standards and level of expectations.

The profile of the type of clients we have described throughout this article covers the range of the most common category of buyer personas your enterprise should focus on. They will serve as a perfect reference to elevate the reputation of your restaurant and thus expand until you can reach broader audiences.

However, you must take into account that the concept of the ideal customer focuses on those who will always identify with the image your business chooses to project. This makes it necessary to gather information that will allow your brand to delineate effective profiles through the collection of data provided by surveys, email marketing and promotions advertised on your social media networks.

If you want to implement a highly productive marketing strategy, start by defining the profile of those who are part of your ideal clientele. Inbound marketing techniques will make this process significantly easier and contribute to the fulfillment of your loftiest entrepreneurial goals!

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