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How to create marketing campaigns that actually bring great benefits to your restaurant?

Posted by Mar 27, 2018 7:40:00 AM

That is a question most business owners often ask themselves. Current statistics bring to light worrying awareness about the large percentage of marketing campaigns that fail every year, forcing brands to revise the formulas and approaches that may facilitate zeroing in on promotional strategies that could positively lead to ultimate success.

It is fairly easy to sometimes feel overwhelmed by the huge bulk of information available in our modern world, it is not uncommon to find ourselves questioning the authenticity and validity of the wealth of knowledge at our disposal.

Stepping up to the challenge of finding the paths that will doubtlessly let you reach your most ambitious entrepreneurial goals, motivates us to dedicate this article to studying the marketing campaigns followed by both established, industry giants and small but successful start-ups, in order to identify, study and incorporate the characteristics that will also give your business the opportunity to thrive.

1.- Marketing campaigns require the use of technology!Marketing campaigns

Companies like McDonald's and Burger21 have learned how to keep innovation alive through the deployment of wise and effective marketing campaigns. A quick example that illustrates that fact is shown by social media promotions that let users win coupons they can redeem and use to instantly have access to exclusive products and services.

There have been instances when brands like McDonald's, encouraged customers to use their smartphones to take screenshots of advertising coupons in order to win significant product discounts. Burger21 often runs contests in which followers take photos of their delicious hamburgers and upload them to Instagram, giving them the chance to win a full year of free meals at their restaurant!

The length of the strategies adopted by Burger21 does not end there, they have made available an application that members of ‘The B21 Club’ can use to enjoy substantial discounts and earn vouchers that will let them participate in special promotions. These exciting rewards contribute to strengthen the bonds between brands and their target audience and facilitate building customer loyalty.

The marketing strategies described above, demand taking advantage of the virtues offered by popular social media networks. The ubiquity of smartphones, a technological tool most people own in this day an age, provides the ultimate element that makes them work!

Such advertising campaigns send a clear message to users: “a simple action performed on your smartphone can lead you to win greatly attractive prizes”.

Renowned restaurant ‘Brasa and Leña’ created an effective method to interact with their customers, they started sending free-dinner invitations to clients who celebrated their birthdays, effective only if they brought a companion over with them!

Imagine how you would feel being a customer who received a message like this on your birthday!

To sum this initial point up, the first element that makes marketing campaigns work to the advantage of your restaurant is to actively use modern technological tools to engage with potential customers.


2.- Be present in your clients’ inbox!

A productive marketing strategy must concentrate on keeping clients up to date with the latest news about your business! Use the advantages offered by email services to keep them informed about your most recent and appealing activities, deliver messages that provide customers with enough reasons to visit your restaurant and have a great time.

Use your email database to promote special dishes that adapt to particular calendar dates or to announce extravagant events to be celebrated at your restaurant! Send loyal customers messages that include surveys, giving them the chance to win special prizes just by filling them out. This approach provides you with unique opportunities to gather the opinions your clients have about the quality of service you offer which will in turn, help you fine-tune the elements that define the most effective marketing campaigns.

Email messaging remains as one of the most reliable options marketing campaigns can use, given the ease with which it allows businesses to establish direct connections with their customer bases. It is a supremely valuable tool that reminds clients that the doors to your restaurant are open, not only at your physical location but also in the virtual world!

There is an additional point we would like to make: having access to the email addresses of your customers provides you with the opportunity to raise your visibility beyond that of your competitors, an advantage that usually requires investing large amounts of capital in traditional advertising campaigns. The delivery of messages that carry useful and valuable content will capture the attention of your target audience and channel an increasing amount of potential new clients to the platforms your brand uses to promote your products online.

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of email marketing, we would like to invite you to take a look at an article we published called: ‘How to gain loyal clients using an email marketing strategy for restaurants’. We believe it will be of great interest and that it will help you expand your knowledge about this highly important topic!


3.-Use the available online resources to raise your visibility

The third aspect we would like to bring your attention to, will facilitate putting together effective marketing campaigns by taking advantage of certain digital resources that will help you boost the visibility of your brand online.

Many successful businesses have gained considerable benefits by paying for online advertising but that convenience has been pushed even further by discovering practical uses for the virtues offered by today’s most popular social media networks.

The availability of options such as Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads and Pinterest Ads bring your business a plethora of options you can use to reach ideal clients just by paying a small monthly fee.

In the case your business is going through its initial stages of growth and does not count with the type of capital that companies with more experience have access to, starting a YouTube channel in order to raise the visibility of your brand, remains as one of the most reliable and wisest options! The features offered by this platform can be incorporated as part of your marketing strategy to, for example, answer Frequently Asked Questions whenever clients use Google to search for information related to the services and products offered by your restaurant.

YouTube has become one of the best positioning tools due to its capability of helping up and coming businesses save money while elevating the visibility of their image both on and offline. A carefully crafted video has the potential to propel your brand toward new stages of evolution where you will be able to garner increased volumes of the organic traffic that flows through the Internet portals dedicated to the promotion of your enterprise.


4.-Connect with the public

marketing campaignsBefore you send your first email message, conceive a useful app or open an account on a popular social media network, it becomes necessary to think about the type of content that will best suit potential, new clients. After the dawn of this digital age, traditional advertising methodologies, especially those that fail at establishing emotional connections with most consumers, have become completely obsolete. This perspective will lead your business to set in motion highly profitable content marketing plans.

To achieve this degree of connection with clients and please your target audience, it is perfectly valid to use approaches such as publishing interesting stories about the history of your restaurant, publicize fun and innovative events or start conversations about topics that revolve around the themes or messages most commonly associated with the character and spirit of your business.

It is also relevant to shy away from conflictive social situations that may compromise the susceptibility of the users who show interest on the products and services your brand offers!

We also recommend maintaining a candid and friendly tone through all the interactions that occur between your brand and your clients. This will serve you greatly by establishing relationships where customers will feel included and welcome.

We hope the points we have described in this article will help you become aware of the aspects that have contributed to the ultimate success of the most celebrated brands throughout the world. It is now up to you to achieve incredible results by conceiving strategies based on the inclusion of these 4 remarkable principles!

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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