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How to attract more clients using the power of Google’s local SEO

Posted by Mar 6, 2018 9:25:13 AM

Were you aware Google currently handles 90% of all search requests worldwide? It has become the favorite Internet search engine of a vast volume of users due to its tremendous power and efficiency. Through this article, we will discuss the strengths of local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how your business can assimilate the best it has to offer in order to use it to accomplish your most ambitious goals.

People from all walks of life have placed their trust on Google and learned to depend on its deep versatility which allows them to handle a wide variety of activities (and even solve complicated issues) on a daily basis. It is a fact a staggering amount of curious consumers use it to search for the best local shopping and dining options.

If you are a restaurant owner who offers fine dishes but is in serious need of raising the visibility of your business and draw customers (both tourists and locals) in, you should give Google’s local SEO a chance! The main goal is to use its effectiveness to place your restaurant among the first results users see after going online and searching for the best dining options available in the area where they live.


How to integrate SEO on your website


LOCAL seo.

Local Search Engine Optimization is a methodology that allows businesses to position their brand names under the scope of consumers who use Google to search for them, its robust algorithms take into consideration the location of the users performing search queries and delivers results that leads them to establishments where they can gain access to the products and services they need.

Imagine a person who suddenly feels the urge to have a dish that falls under specific ethnic categories. If your restaurant specializes on the type of meals that user is interested in, and you have taken the time to adopt Google’s Local SEO, the connection will be made once search results display your establishment as one of the most reasonable options.

There is an impressive array of tools at the disposal of users looking to embrace the virtues of Google’s local SEO, they include: Google Plus, On-Page Optimization, specialized review websites, online Yellow Pages, Google My Business and dedicated brand websites. The tools made available by Google create connections between businesses offering great products and consumers close to the areas where they are located.

There are 3 important factors that define the level of success you could achieve by using local SEO: consumers looking for specific products and services in the area they work or live in, a business that offers what those users are looking for and an Internet search engine capable of providing results that will lead those users to the physical location where they can find, purchase and fulfill their needs. Google will list your restaurant among the top choices as long as local SEO methodologies have been implemented correctly as part of your current digital marketing strategy.


Make local SEO your main goal

local seo 2

Some business owners have not been able to make up their minds about letting Internet search engine results position their brands locally. They are afraid their brands will not be visible to users who live in areas adjacent to where they operate. If you are one of them: do not fear! There is plenty evidence to counteract that claim: businesses able to position themselves favorably through optimal search engine results will be noticeable to customers located in communities nearby.

There is no doubt most commercial entities strive to have a positive impact on the active members of their communities. An increasing number of businesses deliver services from online domains, they do not require stores or physical locations. Would it make sense for them to adopt local SEO strategies in the first place? The answer may actually surprise you: businesses that have associated and become part of Google will benefit by positioning their brand names on top of search engine results where customers interested in what they have to offer will be able find them.

If you are a traditional business owner who is set in a physical location and you are hoping to attract tourists and local customers alike, Local SEO is the fundamental tool that will strengthen your marketing strategies, raise your visibility and help you reach your most demanding goals.


Create a Google My Business account!

Google My Business is the best, free promotional service local vendors can use to raise the visibility of their brands and attract large numbers of new customers. It will literally put you on the map, provide curious users with the information they need to find you and offer information about the benefit of the products and services you sell.

Stop and think for a brief moment about those competitors who have denied themselves the chance to adopt local SEO as part of their promotional efforts. It’s possible clients may know about their presence because they once drove by, through word of mouth or thanks to sheer luck! If you have taken the time to incorporate local SEO as part of your digital marketing strategy and you happen to be located near a hotel, airport, downtown or any other strategically favorable location, tourists and local clients who have searched on Google for businesses offering services similar to yours, will be able to find you immediately, visit your physical location and (if they like what they see) enjoy what you have to offer and finalize sales!

How do you go about using Google My Business? You first need to sign up, log in, enter the plain text information that best describes your business, create an attractive profile and upload photos that complement the image you aspire to project. Once you have set up your account and taken care of all the basic steps, you will be able to, later on, add more details about social media accounts, business hours, menu items, prices and even local news or events associated with the mission statement of your restaurant.

Google My Business is an excellent choice available to brands looking to generate reliable and professional advertising. It facilitates first page search engine results and provides high visibility to users who usually have very little time to look for suitable options and crave to get their hands on the unique products you are ready to dispense them with!

Create a community around your business

After accomplishing your goal of being listed favorably online (thanks to the benefits offered by Google’s powerful web search engine) and used the associated tools made available to your business, you will be able to build up and gather a rich community around the name and image of your brand. This will provide you with a portal that will constantly attract new users to both your virtual domains and local premises. Once you present clients with great service and memorable experiences, your reputation will improve and the reach previously limited to local clients will expand to other cities, states and even the rest of the world!

Through local SEO, your business immediately gains the opportunity to become the number one choice of tourists who arrive to your country on cruise ships, travelers flying in for a short visit and even patrons who live in your city, looking for a place where they can relax after a hard day at work or hoping to spend quality time with associates, friends, romantic partners or family members.

Google My Business provides highly significant advantages to brands aiming to promote themselves through dedicated websites, social media accounts and search engine results. The Internet creates platforms where users can interact with business owners, write positive reviews and encourage others to stop for a visit. Vendors can return the favor by praising patrons who took a chance on them, creating healthy bonds and relationships that facilitate the birth of unique and interesting communities.

Satisfied customers will let those who have not tried certain establishments know how great their experiences were, contributing to a process that will grow exponentially as time goes by; encouraging curious members of the general public to take a look based on what they have kept hearing about! This is the type of image new, smaller businesses should aspire to reach.

We are sure that by now, you have been able to notice how incorporating local SEO positioning techniques (along with the wide array of superb geolocation tools at your disposal) will bring a plethora of incredible benefits to the efforts driving your business toward new stages of growth where you will be able to reach increasingly larger volumes of new clients! The sky is the limit, the world is waiting on you and the best you have to give!

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