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Discover how inbound marketing attracts more clients to your business

Posted by Feb 14, 2018 3:49:46 PM

The subject of inbound marketing is truly a fascinating one, through this post, will show you ways to take advantage of its virtues as they apply to strategies that will greatly benefit the progress your business makes, as it steps toward its most cherished goals.

There are two realities that define the profile of current consumers. The first one, the availability of access to the World Wide Web. More than 60% of people around the world own smartphones which they use to search information and clear doubts about topics that catch their interest. These users can quickly find solutions to pressing matters just by going online and taking advantage of the technological wonders at their disposal.

The second fact relates to the great rejection that exists toward traditional advertising methodologies. In direct response to these attitudes of dismissal, users pay for specialized software that vanishes obnoxious advertising from their Internet browsers and opt to pay for cable television providers that offer the least amount of intrusive advertising spots.

Due to all this, conventional sale techniques have been pushed to evolve following new marketing approaches. One of them is Inbound marketing, a sales strategy that takes advantage of the sensibilities of users. It offers ideal ways to guide consumers through the purchasing process in clever and subtle ways, without having to rely on invasive or annoying advertising.

The main goal of inbound marketing is to motivate potential customers, to awaken their interest through the display of bits of information they will consider valuable and truly worth their time. Users do not want their attention derailed from subject matters they are sincerely interested in by unsolicited ads. Inbound marketing provides personalized and entertaining strategies that make potential customers feel like humans and not as elements in a disassociated set of frigid statistics.  

Inbound marketing as an effective sales strategy

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According to thecontentcouncil.org more than 60% of consumers are attracted to brands that offer personalized information and serve them with content that adapts to their actual needs. This is an approach that differs radically from vendors who choose to talk about their products or services directly without taking into consideration the individual character of their target audience.

Inbound marketing excels at attracting customers through the delivery of great content! Thanks to the adoption of this strategy, clients will have an easier time finding your business whenever they search online for those products and services they are actually interested in. Inbound marketing campaigns create efficient pathways that can be utilized to distribute precise information that adapts to the needs of your target audience.

There are three keys to understanding the way in which inbound marketing attracts customers to businesses that choose to set it in motion as part of their digital, promotional strategy.

A specialized marketing strategy aimed at ideal customers

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One of the most essential requirements of inbound strategies lays on outlining the identity of our future, ideal customers. This lets businesses generate an image of the commercial entity most frequently known as the ‘buyer persona’.

By defining: who our ideal buyer is, what services they are specifically looking for, what characteristics make up their profile, what doubts they usually have, discovering the problems they currently face (and how we could solve them by offering the right product to them); it becomes easier to design a personalized marketing campaign that leads them to get involved with our brand.

This also allows the allocation of resources that are meant to be invested as part of marketing campaigns, to be utilized and managed in more precise and efficient ways.

Businesses who are ready to set such marketing strategies in motion, must proceed to establish a strong presence on social networks, optimize the functionality of their web pages and make sure that the content that is being served through such platforms remains innovative, captivating and that it effectively captures the attention and interest of the niche of customers it originally intends to reach.

The content delivered through inbound marketing techniques bases its efficiency on the use of  keywords that enable SEO optimization along with publishing attractive images of your locale (generated by professional photographers or graphic designers) and the careful selection of the products that highlight the benefits your business is striving to sell to your preferred clientele.

Inbound marketing not only facilitates the creation and delivery of content that attracts new clients, it also compels search engine algorithms (such as Google’s) to raise the visibility of your brand so clients interested in finding the products and services you offer have an easier time finding you.

A marketing strategy that takes advantage of multiple platforms

Inbound marketing facilitates the development and distribution of highly valuable content to crowds of specific customers by taking advantage of a multitude of digital platforms such as: search engines, social media networks, blogs and review sites; it serves content that has the potential to spread out quickly and become viral among members of the general public, fans, followers and friends (who visit them daily in order to pay attention to the content relevant brands publish).

It also uses tactics such as digital and content marketing to generate interest among groups of potential buyers who show interest in becoming paying customers and even take their involvement with your business further by turning into loyal clients.

Inbound marketing converts curious onlookers into paying customers

The effectiveness of inbound marketing has been proven by business owners who have set goals while including the adoption of such techniques. They have succeeded by attracting large numbers of clients after promoting the presence of their brand through non-intrusive means, guiding them through each stage of the process by paying attention to their most basic needs. This approach creates satisfying experiences that contribute to elevate the popularity and respect of your brand among competitors and members of your community.

For example, let’s point to an scenario where the owner of a Mediterranean restaurant is aware of the presence of customers who seem interested in the type of food they offer. By incorporating the principles of Inbound marketing techniques, that restaurant will make it easy for such clients to find their establishment just by entering related search strings on Google or other similar web engines.

This process will also lead potential new clients to that restaurant if they search for Mediterranean recipes, businesses that offer that specialty of food within the radius of their zip code or by reading recent reviews of franchises that have received positive feedback on renowned review sites.

The elements that shape effective inbound marketing campaigns raise the visibility of your brand on the Internet through search engine results, hashtags, the incorporation of keywords and the creativity and value invested on the content brands publish through social media networks and other digital distribution channels.

The reason behind the success of inbound marketing rests on points that inquire and seek to understand the needs and desires of target audiences before attempting to please them (by providing them with the services they are most interested in). This set of methodologies motivate the buyer persona to make up their minds about the benefits of the products being sold before they finally acquire them.

Online marketing seems like a very complicated and difficult process to navigate by most vendors  who show interest in trying to embrace it. The high standards set by competitors also acts as a deterrent for those hoping to achieve significant levels of respect and success. We are confident to say: it does not have to be that way!

Achieving significant presence on the Internet creates an advantageous position for businesses once they have established who their message is going to reach. This creates an ideal stage potential customers can use to get to know you better and enjoy the benefit of your products. Inbound marketing lights the way, letting clients realize your brand represents the best option available among a busy crowd of competitors.

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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