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Digital marketing strategy: How to create content that attracts more customers

Posted by Jan 8, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Today´s potential buyers are interested in finding useful information and relevant content that can help them solve issues, teaches them exciting new things and in general, drives them out of their monotonous day-to-day routines, hence the importance of raising the visibility of your business on the Internet with a digital marketing strategy that is effective at engaging customers in large quantities.

It is because of this new thirst for information that Content Marketing is born under the idea of offering quality, innovative content that attracts the attention of users and keeps them invested in what your brand has to offer online. This type of strategy, implemented in the most efficient way, is an effective and powerful key factor that will help you attract customers and with enough dedication can push your business to levels you had not been able to imagine reaching before. This is one of the reasons why we would like to explain what types of content are the most effective in order to attract clients online.


Why should companies use Content Marketing to attract customers?


1. It Improves search engine optimization and attracts more web traffic

Making use of the right keywords, providing relevant information and receiving the approval of subscribers and followers can lead to better positioning with search engines and with that, comes the increased chance of drawing in more traffic of potential customers.

2. It highlights your image and your brand

A good content strategy not only works to generate web traffic and to attract customers, it is also an engine that can differentiate your brand from others. It sets you apart from the competition! The relevant information that you provide to users will act as an incentive to win more influence and gain a better online reputation.

3. It is an economic advertising strategy

In the past, advertising was very expensive, large sums of capital were invested in promotions that included printing massive amounts of pamphlets. Nowadays, customers can easily be attracted through well implemented digital marketing strategies, which is why they have become an increasingly growing trend that opens the doors to fruitful sales possibilities.

In relation to costs, content marketing is cheaper than other advertising strategies, it allows you to acquire a large quantity of customers, provides prominent visibility and multiple ways to place your brand right under the spotlight, allowing you to reach millions of users through powerful Internet search engines.


What types of content should a great digital marketing strategy use to attract new customers online?


digital marketing strategy 1.png

1. Webinars

The more dynamic, the better! Many web pages provide the same type of information over and over again, this is why not only the content has to be interesting, if you are serious about attracting public, you must also present the information to users in alluring and interactive ways. You must differentiate your brand from the rest by being unique and standing alone among all the other solutions offering goods similar to those you are aiming to sell.


2.  Multimedia

digital marketing strategy 2.jpg

Videos, images and infographics are flashy and way more dynamic than plain text. Themes have the potential to be diverse, the main point is to find one that captures the attention and interest of most members in your target audience. Looking at content from this perspective easily makes us say: the possibilities are endless!




3. Ebooks

digital marketing strategy 3.jpg

Originality is the prime factor that will bring the best results. You don’t need to blabber through thousands of pages in order to offer useful, top quality material. The briefer, more concise and valuable the information you share, the more likely you will become a magnet of visitors who will feel curious about download your files, provide you with their contact information and continue to come back to your business’ website.



4. Tips, tools and good advice

digital marketing strategy 4.jpg

Nothing is appreciated more than a great idea that provides a solution to a problem. We are talking about those tips and recommendations that are based on actual experience which in turn, solve whatever is causing headaches to members of the general public or users in the target audience you are trying to connect with. This is an approach that will make new users feel motivated to know more about your brand and keep coming back for more again and again.

The key issue that must be taken into account is making sure that the solutions and recommendations that you provide customers with are related to your business, taking special consideration into avoiding presenting it as an obvious and intrusive piece of advertisement.


5. Results

digtal marketing strategy 5.jpg

“If it works out for others, I want it too!” That expression provides us with an example on how experiences that have left clients satisfied will provide incentives to motivate other users related to them. It is wise to publish the success stories of such satisfied customers and their positive comments on your website. This will help you build a body of valuable content that definitely encourages sales; in this digital age, most people trust what brings the best results to others. So, why not give this approach a chance? If a solution that’s worth the time of followers is shared, it is highly probable they will adopt it without thinking too much about it.


Downloadable content and an option to access it from your website, grants you added value. Also, the option to subscribe to a periodical newsletter in order to receive relevant and useful information will help you keep a steady presence in the day-to-day life of your followers.


How does Content Marketing work?


Content marketing aims to achieve 4 main objectives: recruitment, conversion, sale and customer loyalty. However, it is actually up to you to make this strategy work to the benefit of your business. In the end, valuable information and great service, both online and in person, will speak volumes for your brand, that will be the image you will be selling to each satisfied customer.

This process starts the moment a potential buyer visits your website, social network or blog, that’s when you will have to implement the different phases of the “conversion funnel” that will take the user from being just a “visitor” to becoming a “loyal customer”. Interesting information and free content also guarantee the return of users and their  eventual conversion into loyal clients. New products, services and offers can be presented through email messages you can send directly to their inboxes.

Getting a grasp on how to create quality content definitely opens the doors to better search engine positioning, giving you more recognition on the web and helping your brand attract a larger number of new, loyal customers.

If you need more information and support to start designing your content strategy, we will gladly be at your disposal in order to help you achieve your goals.

We will also be more than happy to advise you on how to establish a content strategy that will help you attract more customers and facilitate boosting your rate of monthly and yearly sales.

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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