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Posted by Apr 4, 2018 7:45:00 AM

It is highly likely that the implementation of digital marketing strategies will lead your enterprise to the point where the services of TripAdvisor will be required, it is currently the most popular reviews site on the Internet. A large number of consumers look for comments and opinions left by other users on TripAdvisor before they deciding to visit restaurants, hotels or any other business they may be interested in.

It is particularly interesting how millions of individuals use the opinions and ratings left by other users as their exclusive point of reference. It is also remarkable to observe how many companies respond to these comments, regardless of whether the feedback is negative or positive.

This is the ideal point where your promotional efforts will take a step towards projecting an image that will earn the respect of your clientele. Throughout this article we will provide you with tips on how to manage crucial key points that will elevate the reputation of your brand and allow you to attract a large number of customers to both your digital portals and the physical location of your business.

Your business must reflect the image you create through digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Before you create an account and start working with TripAdvisor, it is important to define your digital marketing aims, taking into consideration the results you wish to achieve on social media networks. A goal that could become an exciting challenge: get 1% of your customers to visit your restaurant after they have read comments about you on TripAdvisor. The image you project to to your target audience on the websites dedicated to your brand must reflect the best aspects of your business in the real world!

Once your objectives are clear, you should do your best to make sure that the current condition of your restaurant matches the vision you aspire to present to your customers. Do the necessary adjustments to ensure that the ingredients you use in your recipes are the freshest and most delicious, select the best liquors and beverages, check that the silverware, bathrooms, facade of your business, presentation of your staff and all the elements customers will notice remain in the best possible condition!

Before you start putting together the aspects that will elevate the visibility of your brand, it is imperative to be able to offer high quality and valuable products. It is also very important to be able to rely on fresh food vendors and fulfill the vision of your organization by hiring the most suitable staff members.

Once new customers start visiting your business and enjoying pleasant experiences, positive comments and favorable reviews will emerge, elevating the image and boosting the reputation of your restaurant throughout your community.

Many business owners fail to realize the importance of publicizing the efforts they make in order to improve the level of service they provide. It is advisable to, for example, use TripAdvisor and the channels of communication of a brand, to publish the certificates and awards earned by employees. These are the kinds of details that help build attractive profiles that many customers will find appealing.

It is essential that your customers become aware of the time and resources invested in improving and upgrading the operation of your restaurant. This facilitates accumulating scores of multiple stars, increasing the ranking of your enterprise.

Build up an honest profile of your restaurant

After setting specific goals and being ready to delight customers with great service, it will be time to apply digital marketing techniques in order to define the image your restaurant would like to show. The main requirement, when sitting down to develop the profile of your brand, is to try to be as honest as possible, this way clients will have a clear understanding of the type of experience they can expect.

Many customers will certainly be interested in getting to know valuable details about your establishment, from the opening hours to what sort of delicacies will be offered on the menu but, what will captivate them the most, is the anecdotes and stories behind your restaurant! They can be easily channeled through the high levels of efficiency offered by content marketing.

It is always positive to realize the fact that your employees are the main representatives of your company. Post their photos along with short statements praising their expertise, talents and skills! These types of details will contribute to enhance your reputation while creating a pleasant work environment.

Take full advantage of the tools offered by TripAdvisor


digital marketing 3

The first step to take when joining TripAdvisor is to confirm your identity as a restaurant owner, this will allow you enter and edit detailed information about your business, giving you great control over the data that will be published through multiple Internet platforms. Marketing strategies dictate details such as uploading photos that may contribute to enhance the image your brand would like to project. This will positively affect the interactions that will develop between customers and your company in the near future.

Their website includes a very useful tool called 'TripAdvisor Review Express', it allows you to send surveys that cover topics related to your restaurant straight to the email accounts of your clients.

After some time, you will count with a database that will contain the email address of your most loyal clients. If you use this advantage to promote your brand without abusing the kindness of your patrons, positive feedback and reviews will abound, helping you attract a significant number of new customers to your restaurant.

Make sure you reply to all the comments left by your customers!

Responding promptly to the comments left by users and customers about your restaurant online is extremely important! Do not fail to respond to any of them, including those you do not personally like or that focus on negative issues!

Before replying, we must keep in mind that the message and values of a company should always act as a central point of reference. If we want to convey an elegant style, we must respond in a formal but pleasant manner without falling into any kind of provocations. If your restaurant caters to younger audiences, the use of humor is very appropriate, of course making it a point not to offend anyone.

One factor that will favorably sustain your online reputation is the development of templates you can use to defuse conflictive situations, those that usually arise after clients leave unflattering comments about their experiences on popular social networks! The use of this method does not exclude direct and attentive response to their doubts and concerns; most customers will notice the most subtle details about your statements and take them into account, for better or for worse, whenever they decide to rate your business on TripAdvisor or any other relevant review websites.

Most customers tend to gather the positive feedback they find online about brands they are interested in and use it to justify visiting those businesses in order to indulge their curiosity. Once they realize a valuable experience is indeed being offered, their input will contribute to boost the reputation of such establishments, allowing them to earn the respect and trust of the communities where they operate.

We are aware that building a healthy and positive online reputation requires a great deal of commitment and dedication. There is currently an extensive availability of consulting agencies, committed to provide assistance developing cost-effective and successful marketing strategies. Opting to use their services, may become a surprisingly rewarding choice that will affect the future of your business in a very positive and meaningful way.

Now it's up to you to start exploring the sites where the customers you wish to attract can be found and proceed to study their behavior. TripAdvisor is definitely among the best places to start. We hope that the key points we have outlined throughout this article will help you develop outstanding digital marketing strategy plans that will steadily elevate the reputation of your brand, contribute to attract large numbers of new customers willing to enjoy memorable times, finalize sales and leave flattering feedback online!

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