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Digital marketing for restaurants: the definitive guide on how to raise the visibility of your brand

Posted by Mar 16, 2018 7:03:00 AM

By the time you begin reading this article, it is still relevant to state that 65% of customers who enjoyed themselves after visiting culinary establishments, are willing to leave positive comments online about their experiences! Digital marketing for restaurants, a set of methodologies that intend to raise the visibility of your brand, while taking advantage of realities confirmed by statistical facts, provide business owners with peculiar opportunities they can use to achieve unimaginable success.

What about the 35% that is left, you may wonder? As you may suspect, they make up the percentage of users who are dissatisfied with the type of service they received and are more than willing to leave negative comments or offer unflattering online reviews. This becomes a significant issue once you realize 92% of potential new customers will read their feedback and decide not to visit your restaurant based on what they had to say!

Let’s continue bringing more percentages up: more than 90% of consumers go online with the intention of doing diligent research before deciding to make reservations or actually visiting a restaurant. Building up the physical infrastructure of a business is vital but, in case you were not ready to hear it, it is not enough in this day and age; being present on the Internet is a crucial requirement expected from vendors and franchises hoping to get acquainted with the highest competitive standards.

We would like to present you with a definitive guide you can use to follow your loftiest commercial ambitions, elevate the profile of your brand and build a positive entrepreneurial image. It will allow you to attract large numbers of new customers willing to give you a chance to experience the best your restaurant has to offer!

Gather useful information about your clients

Digital marketing for restaurants

The first step you must take in order to define an effective digital marketing strategy is to get to know your potential customers well! What should you do to accomplish that? Begin by outlining their profiles, assembling data such as: age, gender, occupation, content they have liked on social media networks, what is it they love about certain types of restaurants, if they prefer to attend dining establishments in groups or by themselves. The information and answers derived from such queries will make it possible to get a clear idea of who you are dealing with and facilitate finding the best ways to please them!

To collect that type of data, you should implement several, seemingly simple, strategies such as offering free Wi-Fi access to users who have signed up for the first time, providing you with basic information you can use to build up a customer database or set up a check-in routine that will let you monitor the presence of patrons each time they visit your restaurant.

You could also give your clients the option to win special prizes through the virtues of email marketing once they have supplied you with enough facts you can use to put together a rich, target audience index.

A factor you must consider if you intend to offer free Wi-Fi to clients: it is possible to present them with non-intrusive advertising once they connect to your network, gaining access to their smartphones and laptops gives you the opportunity to let them participate in special promotions, contests and showcase the benefits of your best products and services.

Set the means to promote your brand

A highly relevant set of characteristics ready to be used in order to assemble potential client profiles (or Buyer Personas, as referred to in marketing terms) can be found when you take the time to research the habits of potential customers according to the content they search for while browsing the World Wide Web.

Begin by figuring out their location, follow up by identifying the social networks they prefer to visit, do they use Internet search engines other than Google? Are they open to receive inbox messages that adapt to their needs through email marketing?

Once you have acquired basic but relevant information about potential new clients, it will be easier to decide which social networks can be used to establish a rapport with them. Ask yourself: Will the lifestyle of my customers only allow them to look at pictures? Do they have plenty of time to sit down and watch certain videos?

You should also use the data you have gathered to build a colorful and alluring website, set up an online reservation system and establish processes that may facilitate keeping in touch with patrons once they have visited your restaurant.

Being aware of the pathways you can use to take advantage of the information provided by fans and followers, will allow you to create marketing strategies that rely on periodical publication schedules; this approach facilitates presenting clients with content that adapts to their tastes and preferences.

Do not limit digital your marketing for restaurants strategy to social networks

Digital marketing for restaurants.

Digital marketing for restaurants is closely associated with social media networks, they are currently the most powerful platform available to business owners who are serious about finding the best way to promote their brands. You must strive to expand your presence online! Your restaurant will be nowhere to be found if you decide to stick to a single network you happen to like. Remember: most users will not think twice about using Google to search for businesses that offer products and services similar to yours; maximize your chances by opening accounts with the sites different members of your target audience show a stronger preference for.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is a vital tool available to specialized businesses in the food industry. Users who live in specific areas and have used Google to search for interesting, local culinary options, have the option to receive notifications about the availability of new establishments in the vicinity of their homes or places of work. This provides an immensely powerful asset to vendors who may have already spent considerable resources on traditional advertising methods.

In case you asked yourself what is it you should do in order to raise the visibility of your brand after users (91% worldwide to be exact) use Google to search for businesses similar to yours, we will provide you with a straight answer: use the tools offered by Google, create a full profile and remain active on Google Plus, join Google My Business, create a website that takes advantage of local SEO through Google Analytics and give Google AdWords a chance!

Taking the initiative to follow such significant steps (brought to your business by the power of Google’s Local SEO) instantly increase your chances of joining rich and vibrant communities where fulfilling your highest aspirations will actually become possible.

You should also consider joining websites that use the advantages of smartphone apps such as TripAdvisor and FourSquare! They will help you boost the visibility of your brand thanks to their focus on user comments and reviews. Such feedback is noticed and assimilated by the algorithms Google uses to serve search engine results. If the quality of the service offered by your establishment is a given, expect to be visited by curious, new customers once they have read favorable feedback about your restaurant online!

Use advertising to entertain your target audience!

Although finding your own identity and standing out from vast crowds of competitors is essentially a very difficult process, you must not regard it as an insurmountable one! Take advantage of the possibilities offered by online marketing, generate and upload meaningful content, stir inspiring emotions through Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Instagram images and Twitter updates. Do your best to ensure your brand becomes hard to forget and give your fans legitimate reasons to discuss topics centered around the products and services you intend to sell.

Use non-intrusive advertising to deliver announcements about giveaways, contests and special dates related to holidays or seasonal events. Encourage customers to follow your social media accounts in order to stay updated about the possibility of being eligible to win unique prizes or gain access to exclusive products once they have visited your restaurant and enjoyed your service.

Working hard to promote the virtues of your brand also requires paying attention to a factor some businesses seem to forget about: paying attention to the needs of your staff! Have you provided your employees with the type of training needed to facilitate the fulfillment of your mission statement? Is the spirit of cooperation and teamwork present among them? Do you reward their efforts by offering competitive wages? Are crew members excited about pursuing challenging weekly, monthly or yearly company goals?

Letting your work force have access to workshops that will contribute to elevate their particular set of skills is an option business owners can take in order to improve the quality of service being offered to customers. Presenting employees with the opportunity to learn exhaustive details about the kitchen tools used to prepare the products they serve, is also essential! Instilling the knowledge needed to follow correct protocol (allowing crew members to face difficult or unpleasant situations) is highly important as well.

Do not forget to encourage your staff to remind patrons about following the social media accounts associated with your restaurant!

There is no doubt digital marketing has become the strongest ally for businesses aspiring to achieve superlative success. We are confident the knowledge we have provided through this article will empower your enterprise and let you step into higher and significantly more productive grounds!

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