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Attract more followers using video marketing for restaurants

Posted by Oct 31, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Video marketing for restaurants has become one of the most valuable resources you can adopt if your aim is to get a hold of curious public and capture new clients; numbers don't lie, YouTube is currently the second most used search engine on the Internet, the interest it generates and the way it has grown is nothing short of impressive.

It is possible to increase the notoriety of any business through well-implemented video marketing strategies, video is a format in high demand among a large crowd of users worldwide. Videos are fun to watch, ignoring the assimilation of such powerful medium among the tools in your digital strategy is a big mistake.

We'll show in this article how to use this avenue of expression in effective, profitable ways.

Why is a digital video marketing strategy necessary?

According to digital marketing specialists, in 2018, video will represent more than 80% of all the traffic served on the Internet. If you are a restaurant owner who has decided to offer video content about your business, you will automatically place your establishment in a position where large amounts of potential new customers may become available.

This year alone, 9 out of 10 Internet users have watched videos conceived by brands that caught their attention and more than 65% of those users have visited the websites created by those companies; these impressive figures show the high probability you have of converting this significant volume of customers into real sales.

The concept we want to put into practice revolves around the need to come up with viral video marketing strategies that will let your business stay ahead of your competition by promoting the most attractive benefits your restaurant has to offer.

Video marketing strategy for restaurants, what videos should you publish?

1.- Give customers a taste of the menu

There's nothing like uploading a series of outstanding photos of the dishes you offer in order to whet the appetite of your clients. This can be taken much further through how-to videos that show what's behind particular recipes, reveal the contents of the menu the day the restaurant opens for the first time, tempt your clientele with your most sumptuous gastronomic specialties or discuss which dishes have recently made their debut.


2.- No secrets, just simple recipes

Would you like to know about something your followers may find fascinating? Try giving them information about recipes they can try at home without disclosing the secret ingredients that make those specialties unique. Who does not like to cook? A large number of subscribers love the idea of being able to experiment with home-made imitations of dishes they have previously tried in restaurants. The correct implementation of this will surely help you reel in a large group of new customers.


3.- Show off your growth

If your business intends to expand, let everyone know about it! Develop video presentations on that wide and luscious new garden you have recently opened for them, impress patrons by explaining how your main dining room has been remodeled into an uncluttered and much more comfortable area. If you expect to start a new branch, it is highly possible that your most loyal followers will want to know about it, upload a video that lets them know what's new and when you will be offering it to them.


4.- Submit the link

It is important to take advantage of blogs, websites and social network accounts by publishing links to videos that viewers find dynamic and easy to assimilate. The presence of such videos should become a standard feature within the regular stream of content offered on your web page. digital video marketing brings great visibility to the services and products your followers will spend their hard-earned money on.


5.- Advertise your events

It's never a bad idea to shoot and edit videos about events celebrated at your restaurant, be sure to show what was truly interesting about them, the most outstanding details and highlights, include facts customers may not know about your trade and follow up by announcing the result of contests and other interactive activities.


4 mistakes you should avoid while creating video marketing strategies


There is a compelling amount of ideas that can be used in the production of videos that seek to promote what's alluring about your restaurant, however, we would like to share a bit of knowledge about the most important mistakes you should avoid while developing video marketing for businesses.


1.- Not encouraging clients to act

Each video you post should encourage clients to take a specific action: visit our website, subscribe, visit our restaurant, come on in and try the specialty of the house and so on. Each of those actions must bring a defined benefit to your organization without being intrusive, entice customers with sincere reasons that will help them make up their minds about doing business with you.


2.- No strategy, no goals

Shooting a bunch of videos without direction, without capitalizing on content we could benefit from in the future, equals to walking blindfolded on a express lane during rush hour. Professional video marketing demands planning efficient strategies well in advance and setting detailed goals (just like in any other area of marketing).

It becomes necessary to know: what, how and when something will get done. In order to reach this level of specialized planning, we need to ask ourselves questions such as: What sector of the population am I trying to reach? What is it I am trying to accomplish by presenting this video?


3.- Not analyzing results

Feedback, that's truly a magical word in the marketing field. Feedback is important in order to know if your strategies are working. It allows you to evaluate results, to keep track of changes you have made within your business and helps you figure out preferences among your target market. This is another group of valuable questions you should also ask yourself while working on video marketing strategies: Will this video make my clients show more interest in my services? Is the content we're offering so good our video will go viral all over the Internet?


4.- Videos that are too long

What would happen if you presented your customers with a 20 minute video about an event you celebrated in your restaurant? What if you showed them a longer one, giving them instructions on how to prepare a recipe? Believe us when we tell you: no one we know would sit and go through that.

Try to keep your videos short, let's say 2 minutes, tops; your users will be thrilled to know your presentation is short and concise. If you are able to reduce them to 30 seconds: that's even better! Attention spans seem to be getting shorter, anything that's repetitive will end up making your audience feel bored. Always make sure your content is fun, dynamic, useful and that it stirs up emotions.

Be careful about the music you plan to use along with your content, get your clients excited, help them make it to the end of your video.

Please take this into consideration: do not sell the product, make customers associate your services with a feeling.

You could accomplish this by inspiring them through the taste of your best recipes or by offering positive experiences they won't be able to forget. You could also create a weekly or monthly newsletter interesting parties will be glad to subscribe to. All these techniques will help you stay in touch with your customer base and give them reasons to keep coming back again and again.

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