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5 ideas to promote a restaurant in social networks that never fail

Posted by Nov 27, 2017 9:50:47 AM

Social networking websites are optimal media outlets that allow the dissemination of information and currently provide the best opportunities for businesses to advertise their services, however, choosing the best possible ideas to promote a restaurant in social networks may turn into a complicated affair, you may stop to think, how can I be sure the content I intend to publish will bring the results I expect and desire the most? What are the most significant messages I can possibly deliver in order to promote my restaurant?

Don’t join that crowd of naive and hopeful companies who publish aimless content from one day to the next but fail to obtain gratifying or profitable results in return. They seem to have a basic idea of what they are trying to convey but aren’t quite sure on how to translate what they have in mind into strategies that end up contributing to increased profit.

The truth is, bringing and turning new customers into loyal clients is incredibly easy thanks to the virtues provided by social networks, they facilitate real-time interaction and broaden the possibilities of continuously attracting increased volumes of followers to your account profiles which will in turn boost sales and stimulate the growth of your business.

Through this post, we’d like to offer you valuable ideas and advice that will effectively let you take advantage of the conveniences social networks offer to your restaurant, they will give your establishment avenues to define and put to work marketing strategies that will bring excellent results.


How to promote a restaurant in social networks?

1. People eat first with their eyes


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This famous saying fits well within a concept we would like to now share with you: when it comes to the culinary arts, publishing a photo of that special dish you’d like to promote is the best way to attract potential clients, this reason alone gives you the perfect excuse to adopt the use of Instagram as the ideal social network that will let you achieve specific goals. A quality marketing strategy for restaurants should then commit to include the use of Instagram in order to develop a plan that will apply 2 main ideas we believe you should never skip on, the first one is to incorporate short and interesting stories along quality pictures and to create a pictorial narrative based on your finest dishes and most memorable restaurant events. This storyline should engage clients and flow easily in order to carry a message that will raise interest in your products and services.

The second idea focuses on adding hashtags to each new post, now, don’t get too fancy with them, keep them short and simple, the point is to use them as conversation starters not to go overboard with them. There are endless examples of well-established companies that tried this approach in single posts yet ended up going nowhere. When it comes to hashtags, quality and brevity count the most.


2. Use the holidays to come up with original publications


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There is nothing like finding a good reason that helps you push and bring a good idea to fruition, have you tried decorating dishes with motifs that represent specific festivities and uploading the result to social media? Have you set time aside to congratulate your customers on Mother’s Day, Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Do not make the mistake of taking these simple but meaningful ideas for granted, they are usually very well received.



Create original photos that are  effectively allusive to special dates, don’t make the mistake of using that worn-out, run-of-the-mill photo of fireworks everyone else keeps using by the end of each year; originality and creativity are the cards under your sleeve that will breathe fresh air into campaigns that will set you apart from the rest. The Internet provides astounding amounts of great ideas you can use as starting points in order to craft strategies that most brands probably haven’t explored or put to use yet. It’s up to you to find them and figure out ways to capitalize on the benefits that such inventiveness could bring to your endeavors.


3. Upload new content periodically


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It is necessary to maintain a constant connection with your fans and followers, regular and periodical posts let them know you are out there and that the service your restaurant provides is certainly available. In addition to this, you can always offer interesting news, start new promotions or provide potential customers with simple but exciting recipes they could experiment with at home (that is, without offering sensitive information or exposing secret ingredients your competition may use to imitate the preparation of similar dishes).





4. Help your customers become a part of your business


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Sharing photos of your staff right when they proceed to prepare fancy cocktails, special meals or just happen to begin setting up tables and utensils to start the day, offers clients a simple but unique point of view that illustrates those fascinating behind-the-scene aspects that may make them feel curious about the rest of the experience waiting for them in your establishment. This approach is inclusive, it makes them feel part of what makes your restaurant unique and brings them a step closer to selecting your brand as a definitive favorite.


5. Create serialized contests and promotions


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Contests and promotions provide your business with great opportunities to capture the attention of curious onlookers and engage them until they become regular customers. Create sweepstakes in which you include discounts or special prizes. Offering a reward to the person who takes and uploads the best picture of a dish served at your restaurant will facilitate turning those contestants into loyal clients. That is just one of many examples of activities you can initiate in exchange of the attention, presence and business of audiences who are actively looking for the services and products you are fit to provide them with.


2 social media restaurant strategies that make use of the virtues of Instagram and Facebook

As we have mentioned before, publishing photos offers the best way to promote food sales, dishes that are shown in their full glory create immediate needs among clients, that is, as long as such graphical content is uploaded during the correct and most convenient time of the day. Instagram and Facebook are ideal platforms in which your restaurant can easily channel relevant promotions. We’ll now describe creative ways to take advantage of the best features each of those 2 networks have to offer.

Marketing on Facebook

There are many ways to take advantage of the best features provided by this important social network as they relate to promoting regular and special items found in the menu of your dining establishment. Photos act as a colorful and appealing front cover that whets the appetite of potential customers. Posting a significant amount of quality shots of your most delectable specialties will increase your chances of drawing bigger crowds in.

Due to the excitement  contests and sweepstakes generate on social networks, the popularity of such events creates the perfect reason for clients to return to your restaurant and keep enjoying the food and attention you intend to grace them with. Special discounts and exclusive offers for the holidays shouldn’t be excluded from your social media strategies, they will, by their inherent nature, encourage users to share and spread the good word on the value and strongest points that best define your brand.

Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is currently one of the networks food vendors utilize the most in order to promote their products and services. The numbers that describe the traffic and activities associated with this platform include: 2.5 billion likes a day, generated by 300 million active users who visit the site each month, millions of photos of delightful dishes are uploaded daily. The use of the most relevant hashtags create trends that let businesses broaden their horizons along with those striving to generate productive marketing strategies that help them gain visibility in such fiercely competitive scenarios.

Each time you take the initiative to start a raffle, sweepstake, contest or promotion, come up with specific hashtags potential clients can use to get as many followers involved as possible.


3 tips on the management of social networks

  1. Be careful with the information you publish. Before you click that upload button, take the time to determine what the main goal of your post is and how it will help you achieve the goals you have in mind.

  1. What’s the point of being present on social networks?, you may ask. The majority of customers actively searching for places where to eat prefer going online instead of visiting mainstream, corporate brick-and-mortar establishments. Social networks are more vibrant, exciting and offer the best tools that let those users discover brands and services they haven’t tried or conceived of before.You should remember this and use what’s great about them to attract the type of clients you will be able to benefit the most with the services you offer. It isn’t really important to open accounts on say, 10 or more social media websites. Start with a couple, add maybe one more after a while, tweak their most useful features until you perceive effective and significant improvements.

  1. Segment your message. Don’t make the usual mistake of publishing exactly the same type of content you channel through one social media site over the rest of the accounts you opened on other platforms. Each social network works in different ways that will let you seize new customers through different methods and techniques. Consider that when you sit down to create the main message behind specific marketing plans. For example, the use of photographs isn’t the strongest point that will help you attract clients on a network such as Twitter. Hashtags work wonderfully when you use them on Instagram but aren’t really necessary on Facebook. Be smart using the tools provided by each social media outlet and take advantage of them to better express your concepts and creativity.

You can use these tips and guidelines to begin planning social network strategies that tip the scale in the favor of your business and help you reach your most desirable goals. If you require further guidance, feel free to contact us at business.miamismith.com where we’ll gladly provide you with great customer service and support that will help you reach the successful completion of your most ambitious campaign goals.

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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