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3 marketing strategies that will boost the sales of your business

Posted by Feb 16, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Brands that have not taken the time to establish a strong presence on the Internet practically do not not exist! Nowadays, a vast majority of potential customers use the Internet to search for products and services they are interested in. Through this post, we would like to present you with 3 key effective inbound marketing strategies that will significantly boost the sales of your business.

Carrying out several marketing actions through a dedicated website, publishing content on social networks and uploading regular blog posts (in order to reach new customers), as opposed to what logic dictates, will not completely guarantee the success of your promotional efforts. This is one of the most common mistakes currently affecting a large number of businesses. Even though they continuously strive to build a strong presence on the Internet, their number of final sales fails to increase.

To achieve encouraging results that translate into desirable levels of profit, the actions that must be set in motion require the implementation of a single, well coordinated marketing strategy aimed exclusively at members of your target audience. This becomes easy to achieve through the adoption of inbound marketing methodologies.

Inbound marketing strategies as friendly solutions


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Inbound marketing is a strategy that brings together a meaningful set of actions aimed at attracting large volumes of customers to your business. It captures their attention through the dissemination of useful and highly-valuable content that relates to the products and services they keep searching for online.

It achieves its goals in a non-intrusive way, its use implies considerably lower costs when compared to traditional advertising methodologies and is designed to win over the type of clients who tend to populate modern social media networks.

The main principle behind this digital marketing strategy, focuses on attracting clients to your brand by leading them carefully through the purchasing process until they are ready to become actual, paying customers who have made up their minds about what your business represents. This helps them become convinced about the validity of what you have to offer and how it will match their actual needs.

An effective marketing strategy shaped by the elements we just described, typically incorporates 3 key actions that we will now proceed to explain.

1. Getting to know customers, the cornerstone of inbound marketing

  • The ideal client

Getting to know who our services and products are meant to benefit is a basic but highly important step. This factor alone facilitates the design of precise and detailed marketing strategies that will provide excellent results while contributing to keep campaign capital expenses under control.

Therefore, before getting distracted with meaningless details, define who your ideal client is! In inbound marketing, the archetype of this preferred customer is known as the 'buyer persona'.

Some of the ways in which it is possible to define the identity of the members of your target audience include: detailing their race, gender, age, physical appearance, preferences, their likes and dislikes and figuring out what problems and concerns motivate them to seek the benefits of the products they are interested in buying.

It is important to ask yourself: “Who are the clients interested in buying my products?” This simple question will open doors that will let you grasp a better perspective on the path you must follow. It will also help you get rid of second-guessing or using simplistic approaches which will let you focus on the profile of those clients who actually need your services the most.

After gathering this information, we will be able to gain deep knowledge on the most effective ways to sell our products. Generating content that suits the interests of our target audience will then become a simpler and more streamlined process.

  • The purchase process, the ‘buyer’s journey’

Even though most members of the general public have a different set of characteristics that define them as potential customers, most of them will generally follow buying patterns and behaviors that are normal, transparent and highly predictable.

For example, if you happen to be a hotel owner, your customers will, as a first step, use their mobile phones to do a bit of research online and try to find the most suitable accommodations in the city where your business is located.

They will then click on the link that takes them straight to your blog, once they find you online, they will be able to discover articles that may help them gain a better understanding of your city, ways to transfer from the airport to their hotel, interesting places to visit, fun activities, traveling tips, safety advice, travel costs, hints on savings or any other type of information that will lead them to have the best possible experience.

Once the identity of your buyer persona has been defined, your business will have an easier time delivering quality service by catering to their most essential needs.

Reaching this stage, will let new clients appreciate the advantages offered by your brand, compare your pricing schemes with those of similar hotels (as they fluctuate according to the different seasons of the year), make decisions based on feedback left on review sites by satisfied customers and use relevant bits of information to make up their minds and select you as the most desirable and convenient choice.

As you may have noticed, the description of this process (that most potential clients tend to follow), brings light into the steps you must take in order to lead your buyer persona to weigh on the information they have acquired online and help them make a final decision that will lead them to book a visit to your hotel, restaurant or any other place of business.

Well designed and efficient strategies become essential for brands who are serious about capturing the attention of potential new buyers. Providing content that can guide customers through the different stages of the purchasing process is also of paramount importance for companies hoping to be regarded as the preferred service provider of a significant amount of future clients.

2. Having an effective presence on the Internet

  • Business blogs

One of the most powerful tools inbound marketing has at its disposal is that of the blog! Blogs can easily raise the visibility of your business on search engines such as Google while giving potential clients (and curious onlookers) access to highly valuable information they can use to discover the benefits of the products and services you currently offer through your brand.

Blogs that are well designed, easy to navigate and offer intuitive content are the best candidates to become web portals that rank high on search engine results (SEO) and attract a significant amount of visitors. They carry the potential to turn curious members of the general public into actual buyers.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Marketing strategies 3

Quality content can easily become pointless unless it has been optimized to be processed by the algorithms modern Internet search engines use, they need to know you exist and that the blog hosting your content can be deemed as competitive or valuable. The idea is to let search engines like Google rank your blog highly and place your business on positions where potential new clients will be able to find you and sort out what is special about your brand.

In order to facilitate that process, the content we generate must meet certain parameters, mainly keywords or associated links (among other elements) which will make the algorithms search engines use, mark the content we offer as relevant and include it in the search results offered to those clients our brand is actively hoping to attract.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key that unlocks the power of effective online marketing strategies and provides your business with the most desirable results.

  • Keywords

Marketing strategies4

Keywords are words and terms related to your business. Ideal clients use them to search online for commercial entities that may provide them with the products and services they are hoping to find.

It is tremendously important to make the effort to research more about keywords and how including them in all the content we generate will let our business rank high among the results offered by search engines such as Bing or Google. Their use will also help bring increased volumes of organic traffic that will raise the visibility of the dedicated websites and social network accounts our brand opts to open.

  • Content in context

You should not limit the range of the content you publish to news or curious information related to your brand. You need to make a priority out of delivering content that accommodates the needs and interests of your target audience, it is paramount to provide them with articles, photos, videos and information they will sincerely enjoy.

Such content must remain innovative and original. It needs to embrace the interests of new fans and followers, bring them closer and facilitate their conversion into reliable, loyal customers.

Creativity is always welcome and appreciated, not only by clients who are interested in what your business has to offer, it is also sought after by the search engines potential customers use to find more information about you.

  • Becoming mobile-friendly

Smartphones have taken the place of desktop and personal computers, this means that most online searches are made using mobile devices. They requires a page format that can only work properly on the small screens these gadgets come equipped with. Business owners and designers must consequently make sure their web pages work correctly on a variety of cell phone displays and that they run as fast and intuitively as possible.

3. Lead clients to your business

  • A call to action

A call to action suggests behavior to clients who have finished reading sections of your blog or have contacted your brand after finding you through dedicated websites. This is a factor of great importance that helps guide customers during the purchase process and creates steps that lead to final sales. Losing the chance to close a sale must be avoided at all costs! Failing to provide prospects with the information they need to engage with your business, goes against the best interests of companies doing their best to reach their most ambitious goals.

  • Sale teams

Sale teams made up of well-trained and courteous staff members (who are also skilled at delivering quality service to large numbers of customers) are an essential resource that will contribute to leave a great impression and help deliver the positive image most businesses strive to project in the minds and memories of their clients.

Using a restaurant as an example, whenever a client wishes to contact the managers or business owners, they may do so with the intention of booking a reservation, to find out more details about the dishes being served, discover what type of ingredients have been used by the chef while preparing certain meals they were impressed with or to verify if dining rooms will be available in order to host special events.

It is important to make sure that the personnel providing direct service to clients is aware of the answers to questions patrons may ask. Clearing the doubts of those who are visiting for the first time is a task that must be accomplished in satisfying, concise and friendly ways. The delivery of great customer service is the factor that will lead potential buyers to dismiss your competition and fully convince them to give you their business.

Choosing which digital marketing strategies suit the best interests of your brand may turn into a significant challenge, however, once business owners begin to gain more knowledge on such subjects and find the solace of specialists skilled enough to assist them, achieving seemingly intimidating goals can actually become a reality. Once you have accomplished your first set of objectives and gained prowess that may help you reach new stages of growth, being able to select the most suitable digital marketing strategy will lead you to earn the respect of clients and members of your community alike while generating impressive results based on astounding sale figures.

If you would like to find out more about the implementation of effective marketing strategies, do not hesitate to contact us in order to receive further guidance. We remain passionate about designing and setting in motion ambitious Inbound Marketing plans that will help your business grow beyond your most cherished expectations.

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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