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3 Key elements to create an effective social network plan for restaurants

Posted by Jan 3, 2018 7:00:00 AM

You should by now be aware about how important social networks have become for restaurants trying to gain visibility on the Internet, which is why most respected culinary brands have widely adopted their use. Finding large numbers of restaurants that have failed to achieve desirable results through social media sites has sadly become a common tendency. Taking a look at those negative results could help us gain insight about what’s truly important in order to succeed in the highly competitive culinary market. An effective social network plan allows businesses to skip on the most common mistakes caused by misguided attempts, they lead to paths where increased profits will help our brand push ahead while steering clear from the rest.


The power of attraction well established restaurants have gained through popular social networks has not been gained by the amount of posts they publish daily, their prominence has been achieved by the solidity of the plans they have implemented through carefully-planned strategies. Therefore, implementing a well-thought out social network plan for restaurants is crucial and essential.

A smart plan  must be your first priority if you are serious about acquiring more customers and prevail among a vast crowd of fierce competitors.

Through this post, we will do our best to show you the advantages of following a well-defined social media plan, we will dive deeply into the basic elements that must be considered in order to establish a social media plan that works for your restaurant and brings definitively positive results. Let's get started!


What are the advantages of implementing a solid social network plan for restaurants?

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Let’s imagine a restaurant that has great intentions and immediately starts promoting itself on social networks by uploading photos of some of their best dishes, showing views of their dining rooms, displaying scanned images of their main menu items, a promotion here, a Facebook contest there, maybe they’ll go ahead and try to start a light-hearted discussion around one of their best dishes on Instagram without first setting defined goals. Actions that seem effective when adopted by others but aren’t backed up by effective marketing plans are certainly doomed to fail! Is there a point in wasting time, resources and risk leaving a negative impression on customers we could have gained for our business had we cared to define better strategies?

Effective social network plans act similar to GPS tracking systems, they provide restaurants with critical positioning capabilities that let them differentiate themselves from a multitude of related businesses all over the world, they can be compared to beacons of light that facilitate the addition of new fans, followers, visitors and most desirably: convinced loyal customers willing to finalize sales. Don’t waste time and energy trying to emulate what successful owners seem to be doing on other websites, you will most probably fail.

Restaurants that slowly but surely adopt plans that develop over the course of weeks by publishing content tailored to the needs and wants of the users they intend to attract through certain networks, businesses that take into consideration what times of the day are the best to post alluring bits of information that will help them capture the attention of clients looking to have something different or exciting to eat, those are the type of efforts that will bring the most desirable results since, they embrace strategies based on metrics, statistics and rest solidly on the body of knowledge we have shared on previous blog articles.

Effective social media strategies are not plain templates or formulas business owners can implement and repeat carelessly, they require careful management and monitoring in order to measure the effects it has had on customers while adjusting their main elements until the results we are aiming for are reached.

Without tightly knit social media plans, you’ll waste time wondering what would be best to publish, as a result, you will end up posting the same exact content over all the social media accounts you are active in without taking into consideration what effect such publications are having in the minds and emotions of your followers. Social media plans that deliver information based on what target audiences want from our business will deliver the best and most desirable results.


3 Basic elements required to create effective social media plans for restaurants

It is not advisable to open a social media account for your business without first having a defined and well-thought out plan. This also applies to vendors hoping to gain a bit of time by ‘just uploading a profile picture and filling in the most basic information’. If you have already done so, stop and trace the outline of a social media plan based on specific and achievable goals. It will then be easier to make adjustments and carry on knowing exactly where you are headed to.

How do I go about doing all that, you may ask? Begin by identifying the most basic aspects: who the clients are, figure out their age range. What do they seem interested in? What defines them based on the services and products they seem to yearn for?

Once you have done that, set the first set of goals you would like to achieve through the social media accounts you have subscribed to. For example, are you looking to boost sales after promoting your restaurant on Facebook? How could I create the need for an item I sell? How many followers would I like to gain after launching a simple campaign on Twitter or Instagram?

How about setting up a feature that provides great customer service to clients who have questions to ask you about the goods you sell? Have you tried creating interesting events? Have you hired live musical performers who may seem irresistible to the taste of the clients you wish to attract? How about sharing a thought that could start a healthy conversation that progressively grows into a viral topic, closely related to positive assets already offered by your business?

We’ll now present you with a specific set of questions restaurant owners need to ask themselves:

1. Who are my customers?

Social network plan ..jpeg

Knowing who your customers are, what social media networks they prefer, how often they connect to them and what type of content they enjoy the most is fundamental!

The answers you get will determine what we’ll need to concentrate on. It’s wiser to first focus on a single social network potential clients prefer, instead of trying to waste our time and energy on tiresome campaigns that pretend to reach the most popular social media websites but fail at giving us the results we truly desire.

For example, if we have established our target audience is comprised of people whose age range from 18 to 25 years, we can now create content that will be attractive to that specific segment of the general public. In addition to this, knowing the times when they go online and start going through their timelines gives you a precise window of opportunity to publish information that may immediately sway their attention to the benefit of your brand and the products you offer.


2. What objectives are currently being pursued in social networks?


Social network plan ...jpeg

There is a specific type of content that fits specific goals like a glove. Are you aiming to gain loyal customers? Offering discounts, videos and contests make up the best type of content you’ll consequently need to publish.

Are you hoping to attract new clients? Providing prompt and respectful answers to questions made by users, uploading attractive photos of your best dishes on Instagram (along with endearing bits of trivia or stories) and presenting videos of patrons having a great time at your place of business are the way to go.

The main point is to understand that the goal we set for ourselves will determine the type of campaign and content we will need to deliver in order to achieve success through the use of social networks.


3. What type of content is the most appropriate for social media posts?

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Images, GIFs, videos, written posts, sound bites and audiovisual files in general make up the most suitable body on content that is most commonly accepted on most social media networks, that is, as long as they remain original, creative and assertive.

Defining what type of content suits the message your restaurant is trying to convey is essential to rich and clever social network plans that end up being successful. Take the time to decide what you will publish in relation to what your target audience is most interested in; this is highly important, even fundamental if you are truly serious about accomplishing your first set of goals.

Also, being aware of important dates on the calendar (festivities, holidays, the coming of new seasons and so on) will bring you fresh and exciting opportunities to introduce creative and peculiar campaigns that take advantage of the themes or topics singled out by such occasions. This remains as one of the best methods to quickly stimulate the minds of fans, new followers and potential customers.

We sincerely hope these guidelines will encourage you to create content plans that work to your advantage on those most popular social media sites your restaurant intends to use as a conduit for effective, successful and fruitful promotions. We anticipate these methods will increase your visibility and contribute to elevate the amount of respect your restaurant deserves.

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Content is a non-invasive way of selling the product or service you are offering. The purchase decision is based on the information that the customer has at the moment. It is your best ally because it doesn’t only allows you to educate your audience but also increases your sales potential.

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