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we offer Reputation Marketing Solutions that improve your digital footprint, increase the number of potential clients, and create sales opportunities.


businesses that commercialize their products and services in South Florida and seek to improve their digital footprint.


our knowledge of the market, with a tri-lingual staff (English, Spanish, Portuguese), qualified and focused on obtaining favorable results for our clients.


content, SEO, and diverse, non-invasive techniques that allow for visitors to become contacts and to later establish long-term relationships with them.
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Local SEO

Would you like to be found by potential clients because of your location, industry, and the product you offer?


We manage the public aspects of your business (phone, address, offers, reviews) through a platform, optimizing the information that is shown on directories and search engines. This process will help your business to increase web traffic on your page and the accuracy of your business information.



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Content Development


Would you like to generate more visits to your digital assets so that they become leads?


We’ll take care of that by generating relevant content for each and every step of the sales process. This could be developed for any type of media, including blogs, ebooks, videos, guides, social media posts, and others.



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Sponsored Guides

Within our service you will find efficient content development and the sponsored guides generated by our editorial team.



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The chef and the foodie

A different way of getting to know the best culinary options in the city. Through videos, we’ll show your restaurant at it’s finest, your food, and your venue.



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Miami’s best

A guide developed by that consists of 14 sections including: Hotels, Malls, Photography spots, sunset spots, beaches, theatres, and free entertainment. This specialized Miami guide shows tourists and locals alike what they should get to know in the city.

Weekly Activities

Would you like to know what’s going on in Miami?
Miamismith offers weekly insights on the events, festivals, concerts, sports, arts and culture, health, places to exercise, and restaurants that make Miami come to life.
If you would like to offer this calendar to your clients, our product is available.

Lead Generation

Would you like to attract potential clients to your business?
Before establishing a campaign, we perform an audit on the demographic profile, geographic profile, and the interest before reaching out to the selected audience. Through Facebook and other tools, we obtain the data to track and integrate it with most CRMs * or databases.
*Customer Relationship Management










Mystery Shopper

Would you like to know how your clients perceive your business?


We offer anonymous visits to the establishments of our clients as a method to gauge the quality of their products or services.


Our team utilizes surveys based on the needs of our clients to establish the parameters of your greatest interest in each market segment.

Meet the Team


MiamiSmith Business is a Reputation Marketing agency
that focuses on finding solutions for its clients, improving the way that clients communicate with their audience, and increasing sales opportunities. This dream began as, a showcase of the best touristic and culinary options in Miami. Today, MiamiSmith expands its business model by offering digital solutions to its clients in Florida. 


We are a team of professionals with a desire to do things differently. Passionate for marketing, we believe that powerful content is the base for the success of today’s businesses.


We understand communication methods and sales norms have changed completely. That’s why everyone who works at MiamiSmith Business is committed to generating real commercial opportunities for our clients.


Attracting, converting, closing, and creating brand promoters is the mission that we work tirelessly to accomplish every day.

Reinaldo Acosta


Leidys Rodriguez

- Social Media Manager

Luisa Chesneau

- Social Writer

Luis Ramos

Web Designer

Rafael Guédez

Web Developer

Raúl Zambrano

Marketing Coordinator

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